not forgotten!

I swear I have not forgotten this blog and I will return to posting. I have some things I want to post about, but no time to get a cohesive post together.

Abbey Bominable Appreciation Post

So, I kinda fell into Monster High completely on accident. I’d seen them (and good lord they were EVERYWHERE) in my searchings for ponies and pony accessories, but at first glance, I wasn’t much impressed. They were cute but at the time I was just kind of unimpressed.

Then I laid eyes on the Classroom Lagoona Blue, with her little locker and two little outfits and her little mutant frog and her little lab jacket and I swooned. Oh, I swooned hard, y’all.

But this post isn’t about Lagoona.

After I picked up that doll, I started seeking out information on the interwebs, as you do. I watched a few webisodes and was thoroughly charmed by the short stories, the differing ethnicities of the dolls, the diverse range of interests between the characters… everything really.

I poked around some more and found some info on upcoming dolls.

And that’s when I saw… her.

I was hooked. Blue is one of my favorite colors (after red, which does so much explain my love of Operetta, doesn’t it?) and when it comes to toys, if it’s blue, I probably want it (see also: my love of blue ponies) and Abbey here was no exception. I knew I had to have her.

Oh, the search was long, y’all. I don’t know how many people reading this were around for the initial release of Abbey, but she was a hard one to come by! She wasn’t included as readily in the shipment boxes and people storehopped, looking for her. I was no exception!

One day, a month or so before Giftmas, I was at Walmart (yes please, do take me to have my head examined, I always pick the wrong times to go to Walmart) and I poked through the dolls, thinking that it was going to be futile. But there, behind all the other dolls on the shelf, were both Abbey and Toralei. I’m thinking someone had tried to hide them to come back later, but all’s fair when doll shopping and those two both went into my buggy and promptly came home with me.

It then became a goal. If an Abbey was released in a line… she was coming to this house.  Abbey is my “Gotta Catch ‘Em All” of the Monster High franchise.

I think you can say I’ve succeeded. At least so far. Pictures from Toy Fair have proven that this picture of All The Abbey will soon be obselete, but oh well!

After the jump, find pictures of all of them!

(please do forgive that they’re not the greatest. My cheapass d-i-y lightbox got damaged and I haven’t filched a box from work yet to make a new one.)

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So, I’m a 30-something toy collector with a lot of opinions. My friends are getting tired of me (;)) so I’m doing what any reasonable person would do: inflicting them on the world! Mua-ha-ha.

So, that’ll be here then.

I’ve been collecting My Little Pony toys since I was 8. I had hundreds. I’m slowly working my way back up to having more. We’ll get there. I have several G1s now, several G3s, and just about the entire collection of G4s (including fashion styles), save for a few stragglers that I can’t find yet.

My other big love is Monster High, which has really built up my love of fashion dolls in general. With a caveat: I must be able to jack their clothes for my Monster High girls. Heh. I don’t tend to collect spendy dolls like Tonners or BJDs because they’re too expensive for my pocketbook, but I can usually get a Monster High if I’m lucky with my paycheck.

So anyway, this is me. And that’s what you’ll find here. Thoughts on dolls, thoughts on ponies, excitement over announced things, and opinions with a healthy dose of snark. Because I have them. Both of them. Opinions and snark.

A few rules!

– Don’t be a dick.
– Don’t be -phobic. No racist, homophobic, sexist,  cissexist, transphobic, ableist, sizeist, violent rhetoric or bigoted speech allowed here. Seriously. Take it elsewhere or find yourself banned.
– This includes using that name when referring to a particular pony. She is Bubblecup or The Grey Lady here. Take it or leave it.
– No fighting in the comments, if I’m lucky enough to get them.
– Just to repeat: DON’T BE A DICK.

Welcome around, y’all!