Abbey Bominable Appreciation Post

So, I kinda fell into Monster High completely on accident. I’d seen them (and good lord they were EVERYWHERE) in my searchings for ponies and pony accessories, but at first glance, I wasn’t much impressed. They were cute but at the time I was just kind of unimpressed.

Then I laid eyes on the Classroom Lagoona Blue, with her little locker and two little outfits and her little mutant frog and her little lab jacket and I swooned. Oh, I swooned hard, y’all.

But this post isn’t about Lagoona.

After I picked up that doll, I started seeking out information on the interwebs, as you do. I watched a few webisodes and was thoroughly charmed by the short stories, the differing ethnicities of the dolls, the diverse range of interests between the characters… everything really.

I poked around some more and found some info on upcoming dolls.

And that’s when I saw… her.

I was hooked. Blue is one of my favorite colors (after red, which does so much explain my love of Operetta, doesn’t it?) and when it comes to toys, if it’s blue, I probably want it (see also: my love of blue ponies) and Abbey here was no exception. I knew I had to have her.

Oh, the search was long, y’all. I don’t know how many people reading this were around for the initial release of Abbey, but she was a hard one to come by! She wasn’t included as readily in the shipment boxes and people storehopped, looking for her. I was no exception!

One day, a month or so before Giftmas, I was at Walmart (yes please, do take me to have my head examined, I always pick the wrong times to go to Walmart) and I poked through the dolls, thinking that it was going to be futile. But there, behind all the other dolls on the shelf, were both Abbey and Toralei. I’m thinking someone had tried to hide them to come back later, but all’s fair when doll shopping and those two both went into my buggy and promptly came home with me.

It then became a goal. If an Abbey was released in a line… she was coming to this house.  Abbey is my “Gotta Catch ‘Em All” of the Monster High franchise.

I think you can say I’ve succeeded. At least so far. Pictures from Toy Fair have proven that this picture of All The Abbey will soon be obselete, but oh well!

After the jump, find pictures of all of them!

(please do forgive that they’re not the greatest. My cheapass d-i-y lightbox got damaged and I haven’t filched a box from work yet to make a new one.)

First up is School’s Out Abbey, or the original release of the doll, the doll that made me fall in love with her. There is just so much to love about her! From her furry legwarmers to her stompy boots…

To her sweet face, and cute little tusks, and the tinsel in her hair (and to get me to say that is really something, because I usually HATE tinsel in hair for toys.) Her sweet-yet-snarky demeanor from the webisodes and TV specials really manages to come out through this doll and I love her to bits.

Next up is Skull Shores Abbey. Her hair is cute, but it makes that adorable (I am from the South, where a wide-brimmed hat is a MUST during the summer, so that hat absolutely slayed me) hat hard to stay on her head.

She has a slightly pissier look to her than her original counterpart, but I do love the softer lipstick. She has a bit of a snaggle-tusk going on, I don’t know if that came that way or if me constantly moving my dolls around did it, but it’s okay, it’s still cute. I”ll get a fine-tipped acrylic paint pen to fix it if it ever really bothers me but really, it doesn’t I’m not particularly fussy about that. My dolls are for my enjoyment and a paint drip or smudge here or a glue spot there isn’t the end of the world.

(I’m also a toy customizer who’s well-versed in clean-up techniques.)

(Also wow with the static electricity in my house. Recurring theme?)

Skull Shores isn’t my favorite favorite, but she’s definitely lovely.

Dead Tired! I am a sucker for the Dead Tired line. I don’t know what it is really. But Abbey’s jammies are so cute! And I love the recurring slippers theme they have going.

I also adore her abbreviated head poofy to go with the poofies on the end of her laces. Her eyes are a little off on this doll, but I think it just makes her look kind of sleepy, so I think it’s cute! I got this Abbey as a Giftmas present just this past Giftmas from a dear friend, after all my searches for her had proven futile, and she was the best gift I could have asked for, cause she is PRECIOUS.

I ❤ Fashion definitely ranks up there as a favorite for me, especially in this outfit. (That outfit with the impossible to get on and off pants doesn’t get worn much) Also legwarmers and translucent shoes? Oh just let me love you already.

Her face is so sweet, and the darker lipstick really brings out her tusks and makes her face really pop. This one I picked up on Black Friday – no I didn’t dare go to Toys R Us on Black Friday, I may need my head examined but even I’m not that stupid. I found her online actually, marked half off and hell yes I snapped that up!

Skulltimate Roller Maze. I did a dumb thing with this one. I saw at Kmart – it was a Kmart exclusive IIRC – and snapped it right up in a two-pack with Ghoulia, not knowing that they were rereleasing her as a single. Womp womp. Still, she’s here. Honestly, she’s not my favorite by a long-shot. She may even be my least favorite. I like the short hair, but I have such an incredible aversion to neon green that she’s kind of off-putting. I might try and make her a cute outfit sometime to showcase her shorter hair and lose the greenness. Her skates though, are so, so cute. I love that they still go with her overall “I’m from the Himalayas” theme and have warm poofies on the tops.

Short hair cute. Rest… meh. I do again love her brighter lipstick, but she’s largely a meh.

This entire line is my absolute favorite, no questions. This is the only time I have willingly had a Draculaura doll in my house if that’s any indication of how much I love it. I have an overwhelming love of polka-dots. And of ponytails. Put the two together in this Dot Dead Gorgeous line and you have a happy Snarker. The funnest thing about Abbey in this line is… well, everything. But that her polka-dots are actually snowflakes just makes me squeal, and her little furry bracelets.

(The static electricity is really proving to be ridiculous isn’t it? I’ll have to hit the girls with braid spray to fix this before I take more pictures.)

Everything about this doll is perfection to me. My very favorite that I own, no question.

Definitely my second favorite. Full-disclosure, I took off her shoulder puffs because they annoyed the shit out of me and made her top heavy, which made it hard for me to keep her on her stand. Same with her belt. They still exist! Just not on her.  I love the elements from past dolls that made it to this one, and her translucent little boots with blue fluffies! But the best part?

The detail on her face. That snowflake under her eye just makes me love her so, so much. She really is a stunning doll.

Scaris! I wish she had come with more stuff. I would have loved to have seen what her rolling suitcase would have been like, because if it was anything like Jinafire’s, I’m sure it would have been adorable. Alas… But! There’s enough to love here, especially those SHOES. I am living for those shoes, I want a pair of those shoes for myself!

Pretty much the same face we’ve seen on all of them, but I must be completist.

You know, I didn’t think I was going to love Picture Day as much as I do. But she completely charmed me. LEGGINGS. Leggings that I… haven’t attempted to get off, but still. I have a thing for doll pants as much as I have one for doll shoes. And her little knuckle ring! And boots!

One word: BANGS! They kind of give her a slightly worried look. Also a better look at that knuckle ring. Yes, I haven’t removed her rubber bands for fear of losing that ring.

Now, who’s this, you ask?

She’s my original Abbey. The first one I ever got. See, before Monster High switched to pegged joints, they were strung together. And I much prefer the pegged joints. Better for posing, and they sit more easily than they did with the elastic joints. So, when I re-found Abbey randomly one day at Kmart, I bought her and decided that this one will be my model for any clothing sets or things I make, because she can at least be in her stand fairly easily. She’s currently wearing her To Howl For fashion pack outfit, but I tend to change her clothes quite a bit because she wears them so well!

Same face as her original release, I think.

Maybe a few differences. I think there might be some slight differences in the arch of the eyebrows, but, same for the most part!

So that’s my collection of Abbey!

Of course, we have fun things to look forward to. A Home Ick two-set with Heath Burns (who will probably get sold because I don’t like the boy dolls), the Music Festival set (which turns my Abbey into a hippie and that I need like yesterday!)  and who knows what else that we maybe haven’t seen yet!

4 thoughts on “Abbey Bominable Appreciation Post

  1. See, that’s a bad thing you did here. I was sure I had decided which dolls I want (and Abbey was never on my list), and now, all the arguments you wrote? They make sense. I have to go make some room for an Abbey…

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