Meet Mari: An American Girl

I have wanted an American Girl doll since I was ten years old. I remember getting our first catalog and being utterly charmed. Mom said no, because American Girl dolls were expensive and no. Didn’t stop me from wanting though.

I fell in love with Josefina hard when I saw her, she was my biggest want. Again, Mom said no. I put it out of sight, out of mind, but l often found myself just casually glancing at Ebay, or at the AG site. Nothing ever came of it.

Then I met one of my best friends.

See, I’ve known Nethilia for years. In a roundabout sort of way. We both hung out at a snark community and occasionally commented each other there. I respected her a lot for her pull-no-punches attitude, and I often lurked her LJ for her doll and My Little Pony posts. In fact, it was her posts about them that got me into Monster High dolls.

When Friendship is Magic hit the airwaves, I sucked up my socially awkwardness and finally commented her, saying I was friending her on LJ. She gladly friended back, and a few months later we started speaking pretty much daily.

On March 10th, I turned 36 years old. And I’d had a good weekend, filled with family and good vittles and watching a good NASCAR race on TV and on Tumblr reblogging stuff about my favorite musical (which was closing that day and I was UNHAPPY), but all in all, it was great!

So, later in the day, I get an IM from Nethilia.

Her: I won you something for your birthday but it has to come to me first for a makeover and then I’ll ship her to you please don’t kill me. Also hi.

After I sputtered at her and managed to get out a “WHAT DID YOU DO?!” all was revealed.

See, she had been teaching me the finer points of finding needs-a-little-love AG dolls on the Ebay, and a few days prior, she had shown me this:


That was a Marisol Luna doll, the third Girl of the Year, released in 2005, with her head and one arm sadly dislodged.

That is what she had done. She had bought me that doll.

Reader, I don’t think I’ve ever cried so hard.

So, Marisol went to camp out with the AGGiB while Nethilia restrung her and gave her a makeover, and then was sent to me.

Last Friday, she arrived. And she is, quite honestly, the most beautiful doll I’ve ever owned.


When she arrived, I realized though… she wasn’t so much her at-release self anymore. She’s different from that Marisol, and the Marisol in the AGGiB. We’d been calling her Miss Mari in IMs, and the nickname stuck.

So world, meet Marisol “Mari” Jessica Campbell, an American Girl!

My American Girl.

She likes My Little Pony, Broadway, figure skating, and RuPaul’s Drag Race. She’s a Grade A Geek, and a sweet but snarky girl. And I adore her. And I adore my friend for letting her come here to live with me.

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