Sorry ’bout it.

That there is a picture of at least one of each of the “major release”  Monster High dolls that I currently own. (And all the Abbey and Spectra that have been released so far because they’re my girls.) Can you see who’s missing?

If you guessed Frankie, Draculaura and Cleo, you’d be right.

I have a confession to make.

I love Monster High. I love the positive message behind it and wish that a toy like this, with this message, had been around when I was a spooky little kid, I love the dolls, and I think the cartoon shorts and movies are really clever and fun.

I just really can’t stand Frankie Stein and Draculaura. Cleo to a lesser degree as well.

My reasons are largely bullshit to a lot of folks, and even I admit that they sound irrational, but they’re there.

For Draculaura, it’s simple. She is the Pinkie Pie of Monster High, and yet somehow Pinkie Pie remains less annoying than Draculaura could ever hope to be. There is not ever a doll line that seems to not include her (and I do realize that there have been some that haven’t), and the oversaturation of the pink vampire is getting old and tired, seeing her pink face and outfits that look like someone puked on her after drinking Pepto. I like pink as much as the next girl – really, I do – but come on.

The line that made me realize how much I actively disliked her? Scarily Ever After.

Sorry I’m not sorry, but that dress is atrocious in every way.

She also annoys me in the cartoons to a lesser degree than her being shoe-horned into almost every released line of dolls, but she does still annoy me. Something about her really just makes me mute a cartoon as soon as I hear her voice. There are so many more characters that I would love to see explored on the webisodes, or released in doll form, instead of this girl.

Yes it’s irrational, and yes I know I’m being petty, but I can’t really help it.

My dislike of Frankie on the other hand, rests largely in the cartoons.

Frankie, at the start, was likeable. She is so very clearly the viewer proxy, the new girl in school (and in life), trying to bumble her way through and learn. I enjoyed the very first “episode” of Monster High very much.

It was just after that episode that Frankie became more than a little insufferable. As we get into the third (?) season of webisodes and however many movies… Frankie’s personality has remained largely unchanged. She’s still naive, too naive, for a girl who can now count herself among the most popular in her school, and who has many friends who have taught her so much about life (er, unlife?), and how to find her way. There really is no excuse for that level of lack of character development after this many written webisodes and movies.

To a smaller degree, Frankie is shoehorned into doll lines where she maybe doesn’t particularly need to be (Power Ghouls is the line that leaps to mind here), but this doesn’t bother me quite as much as it does with Draculaura because I at least think Frankie gets some nifty clothes that I’ve often bought on the secondary market to mop for other dolls.

My dislike of Cleo (and by proxy, Nefera) mostly came from the fact that I dislike The Libby (aka the Alpha Bitch) trope in basically any form, though Cleo has gotten better as far as that goes on the show, and even I can admit she makes for some very pretty dolls. In fact, I’ll be getting one when I get my Scaris set of Lagoona and Cleo.

So yeah. There’s that. I will likely never own a Frankie or Draculaura, unless they come in a multi-doll set that I need to buy to get an Abbey or Spectra, and then, you can bet that they won’t stick around in their current form for long, they’ll either be given away or customized.



2 thoughts on “Sorry ’bout it.

  1. Dracularua has a soft spot in my heart, only because her Romanian accent reminds me of one of my favorite German teachers. Frankie I’m indifferent about, but I am right behind you on Cleo’s bitchiness. I don’t care what fabulous outfit she has on, I’d rather stick her in the microwave than have her in my collection.

    • Funny enough, this week I did finally end up with a Cleo, because I got the Scaris 2-pack so I could have that adorable Lagoona. Don’t know what I’ll do with Cleo. Maybe I’ll customize her.

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