A Cautionary Warning: Monster High on Taobao

Taobao is a site that came on my radar a couple of years ago, thanks to several never-before-seen My Little Ponies popping up on it. I tend to call it the bastard child of Ebay and Amazon, given it’s marketplace with many sellers feel.

Like Minty. Who I bought through my beloved Taobao agent (more on this some other time) and is the prize of my collection. As far as G4 ponies go, she’s the grail. And she’s MINE!

I’ve since bought several not-yet-released ponies (Mrs Cake, the Mystery Filly commonly known as Baby Molasses) on the site and I do love to search for treasures on it, because as I learned today on a different search *nudges Nethilia* you ain’t never know what you’re gonna find.

And that leads me to today’s post.

Now. I want to make something clear before we go under the jump: I am not trying to be malicious, nor am I accusing any seller on Taobao of trying to defraud anybody. I’m just telling you all to keep your eyes open.

Alright, lets go.

Given that a lot of toy companies are headquartered and factoried in China, it stands to reason that actual versions of dolls and ponies will make their way out of the factory on someone’s person. Either extras, or ones with imperfections that can’t be sold.

What also stands to reason is that fakies will happen. And that’s what happened with Monster High, especially.

Search Monster High and on any given page, you will likely find a fairly good mixture of real dolls, doll parts, and fakies.

Take this screengrab:

taobaosearchI think it’s fairly easy to pick out the fakies in this picture.

Most often, fakies take a similar looking box, put some different art on it (though often they will use the licensed Mattel art of the Ghouls) and then plop their doll into it.

More often than not, these dolls are hybrids of Monster High heads and what look to me to be Bratz bodies, but they could be anything really.

Lets have a peek.

That’s clearly a Draculaura head, but I don’t know what kind of body that is. I don’t know what Girl Dream is to be a fakie version of.

T2MKphXeFOXXXXXXXX_422851567Here’s a case of them using a relatively similar box and then packaging not!Clawdeen in it. Clearly a legit Clawdeen head, but… not so much with the body.

T2Hu4KXbtdXXXXXXXX_1106327496And here’s the most egregious. They ain’t even trying.

I’m not saying that some of these dolls aren’t damn cute. They ARE. But don’t buy them thinking you’re getting a Monster High doll when you’re clearly getting anything but.

So just be careful. Look carefully at the pictures. Make sure it’s not something like that, or someone stealing a picture of someone’s custom to use for their listing. I like this fandom an awful lot and I’d hate to see anyone pay money for something like that thinking they were getting the genuine article.

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