I’m blue, da ba dee dabba di

Internets, I have a problem.

It’s a First World Problem, but it’s a problem.

I… am addicted to blue toys.


Mari Campbell, dressed in blue for the occassion and all the rest of the blue toys currently in my possession. (That's only two of the 14 Abbey Bominable dolls I have. Jesus christ...)

Mari Campbell, dressed in blue for the occassion and all the rest of the blue toys currently in my possession. (That’s only two of the 14 Abbey Bominable dolls I have. Jesus christ…)

I didn’t mean for it to get this way! It just happened! >sob<

So… yeah.

It wasn’t my first pony that did it. My first pony ever, the one that started me on this path of pony addiction (seriously, crack would be cheaper, y’all), was Firefly. She’s pink. She has blue hair? Was that it?

The first blue pony I got was this pretty girl here:

bowtie1_spoosh_001 (2)
Miss Bowtie came home with me and was best friends, in my world, with Firefly. She was the earthbound ying to Firefly’s flighty yang.

Maybe Bowtie is where it all began… I saved all my pony points – remember pony points? – and got Lucky the Colt, and then the Mail Order set of the original six, which included Bluebelle…

lucky1_spoosh (2) bluebelleMO_spoosh
But oh, internets… it just continued. I loved my pink girls and my yellow girls and my princesses, but those blue ponies… they were my addiction.

Now… when Friendship is Magic came along… you’d think Rainbow Dash’d be my favorite character, right? That she was the first one I’d get? Well, no. That was Rarity. But Rainbow Dash quickly followed her into ownership. Then Fashion Style Rainbow Dash. Shadowbolt Rainbow Dash will also soon follow, have no doubt.

And then we get into the other releases! Trixie and Mrs Cake! Star Swirl, who was only available in Europe but because I must Pony All the Things, she had to come home, and on the double. And Nightmare Moon who is actually a very deep shade of blue and is utterly gorgeous.

As I’ve rebuilt my G1 Pony collection and started a G3 pony collection, I am forever looking for blue ponies.

But if you think this blue madness extends only to ponies? Oh, reader… no. No no no.

I’ve mentioned before in this blog that while Lagoona Blue was my first Monster High doll, the one I really had my heart set on was Abbey Bominable. She was blue, after all. And beautiful. And kinda glittery. And an awesome character to boot.

And did I mention, blue?


This quickly manifested itself into a bit of insanity I like to call “ALL ABBEY MUST COME HOME.” If an Abbey Bominable doll is released in a line, she will be mine, and she will be in this house, with all her blue sistren. This has somehow led to me having 13 Abbey Bominable dolls total – 14 when the one I bought to go halfsies with a friend on the Abbey/Heath Home Ick set gets here. Not that there’s 14 separate dolls… it’s just that I have extras. And I put them in their fashion pack outfits.

Then there have been two Create-a-Monster girls who’ve been blue… so I had to have them.

(Holt Hyde doesn’t count because we don’t do boy dolls in this house. My girl dolls make lesbians with other girl dolls, thank you)

And then there’s what happened last week.

I had a little spending money. As you do sometimes. I had perused stores for new ponies – nada – or new Monster High – also nada – and was cruising the toy aisle at Walmart when I spotted that one of the little Novi Stars dolls was marked down a few bucks.

This one

This one

Oh, lord y’all. I folded like a cheap card table. I don’t like the Novi Stars, I don’t. I think their premise is lame, and for the most part I think the dolls aren’t the cutest. But even from their first appearance, I had my eye on this one. And with her marked down, I figured what the hell.

So there’s that then. >sigh<

I can swear on a stack of bibles that there won’t be anymore Novi Stars in this house, cause I really just don’t like them at all.

But Equestria Girls Rainbow Dash? Oh yeah, she’ll be here.

More blue ponies and more Abbey? Oh yeah, they’ll be here too.

Any new blue Monster High or Ever After High girls? You betcha.

Please send help.

8 thoughts on “I’m blue, da ba dee dabba di

  1. New follower here 🙂

    You know, this makes me wonder…do I have color themes running through my collections???
    I really love your collection of blue!

    And I find it funny that you bought a Novi Star because she was blue, lol! I own that one too… I actually own two of them (the purple one as well)… but only because I really like their weird little character design. I know absolutely nothing about their story (and would probably like them less if I did)… and their stands suuuuuuuuuuuuck.
    But I love those eyes, and all the glitter, and those little, funny, alien faces.

    I am SO excited about the pony girls! I’ve always loved Applejack the best (since the first MLP)… but I really want the Rainbow Dash one, she looks AWESOME!!! 🙂

    • Happy to have you around!

      You know, I almost got her a friend. The little Cyclops girl is so quite adorable too. But I don’t know. I don’t know if I want to go down that rabbit hole.

      • Maybe with the remodeling… but if your space is limited, no, no you do not want anything to do with that rabbit hole. Since their stands suck, and they don’t really have the option of sitting… you’re kind of stuck posing them somewhere that accommodates the stands, unless you want to rig something or lean them. I can’t imagine trying to deal with a bunch of wobbly little aliens >_<

      • I’m really, really not fond of them. I like the one I have and I’ll keep her but I really just don’t think Novi Stars are for me.

  2. Please post pics of your MLP collection! Also, I agree with you on the Bubbles/Ditsy Doo names. The other name can be offensive

    • I am actually working on getting a dedicated place for my toys to be displayed, so I will take picts when it’s all done. Right now I’m painting the room, and then shelves need to be obtained and then I’ll have an all-purpose ponies/dolls/craft room!

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