The suspense is terrible… I hope it’ll last

Alright, so. I know. I’ve been silent, but there’s a good reason for this! So much is happening, y’all! And now that I have followers – this is really exciting to me! – I feel like I owe an explanation, and such… you’ll get one.

See, we’re doing a little remodeling in our little house, and the result of this remodeling is that I am getting a room for my crafting… which also means that I’ll have lots of shelf space, which means I get to DISPLAY SHIT.


So, my ponies and Monster High are going to get to be out again – right now, most of the dolls are in their own watertight tub and the ponies are in various boxes – as soon as we finish painting and doing some touch up work on the floor and buy some shelves that we can easily spray paint. I’ll have pictures when it’s all done. I should have taken some before pictures but I didn’t.

Oh, also new in this house, besides a whole plethora of new dolls?

Elyse, my new American Girl, who joined us here at the Snarker this week. More about her, and all kinds of stuff, soon!