Ta-do tamarrah!

The room, it is finally finished! Well, as finished as it’s going to get for the moment until a couple more things ship out.

It is, however, too dark out for me to take decent pictures and a few more things need to be shuffled about, but then… PICTURES.


(or not, it’s not really THAT exciting, but it is to me because it’s turned into such a cute little room!)

Favorites roundup

Two posts in one weekend? WHAT IS THIS MADNESS?!

It’s too cloudy to take pictures today. 😦

So, I thought maybe I’d do a roundup of some of my favorite blogs and shops and whatever else, just so folks can have fun poking around the dolly blogosphere and such. Sound good? Okay good.


You know, I never thought I’d be a dolly blogger, or a toy blogger, or whatever. But yet, here I am! And I certainly have my favorites, like anyone does.

So, here we go! *picks up pimp cane*

(You’ve probably seen me in the comments of several of these blogs. I am AJ!)

American Girl Outsider – You know her, you love her. Nethilia is one of my dearest, dearest friends. She is why I have an American Girl, and we bonded over dolls and ponies. We spent a good chunk of time just last night squealing over new shit that we’ve found. Her blog is a favorite of mine because of the knowledge she shares, the snark she uses, and her pull-no-punches attitude towards a fandom that really truly did her wrong. Quite frankly, having heard the story myself, they deserve what they get. Neth loves dolls, that much is clear, she loves them with her whole heart and her reverence for dolls is truly awe-inspiring. For great reading, especially if you’re a fellow grown-up, please read Never Too Old for American Girl – Or Anything Else!
Toybox Philosopher – Emily is someone who I feel has become a friend. Another grown-up like me, she too simply loves dolls. While sometimes her reviews skew to dolls that I can’t afford – I will likely never own a BJD, or a Tonner, or an AvantGarde because they are decidedly out of my price range – I still look at her pretty pictures of them and covet them. I’ve been lucky enough to do a review for her – over here if you’re so inclined – and she truly is a very nice person, who does very detailed, thorough reviews not just of very expensive dolls, but of your usual big box store finds. And now we’ve gotten her into American Girl! Muahahaha. One of us! One of us!
Never Grow Up: A Mom’s Guide to Dolls and More! – I’ve been lurking this one for awhile. Again, this is someone who does very detailed, thorough reviews of dolls and toys, loves American Girl and other 18″ dolls, and just generally seems like a good person! I’ve not commented, because besides being rather socially awkward – I know sometimes in my comments and posts that I don’t come across that way, because I’m quite good at hiding it in print and coming across more brash, blunt, and obnoxious – but also, while BeastsBelle is very, very nice – as I’ve learned – we are people who come from two different places spiritually and the last thing I wanted to do was to say something that offended her. Thankfully, I got over it and found my words and made my first comment on an entry about Equestria Girls, which as you know I love. So, she’s on the following docket and it’s grand! (I also wish my Goodwills and Salvation Armys were as full of great doll finds as hers is!)
Doll Diaries – This is one I just started following, but there is a wealth of information here for you about 18″ Play Dolls, Fashion Dolls, Doll Care, sales at various places… Doll Diaries has it all!
The Fashion Doll Review – Another new follow for me, The Fashion Doll Review focuses largely on Ball-Jointed Dolls, Tonners, etc. So I mostly read just to covet. But she does have some reviews of more affordable fashion dolls as well, so of course, this is a good read, with some really beautiful pictures!
No Nap Time! – Tutorials on Doll Customization, for unique dolls that are simply gorgeous.

I am always looking for new doll blogs!


Yeah, Tumblr gets it’s own category.

Fuck Yeah, Dolls of Color! – Gorgeous, stunning pictures of dolls that aren’t white.
Pony Guru – My good friend Whoo runs this one, where she shows off her older generation ponies, her custom ponies, and dolls!
Monster High Insider – a WEALTH of information about current and upcoming Monster High releases! If you have a tumblr, FOLLOW THIS ONE.
Doll Tutorials – Do you want to learn how to customize dolls? There’s all kinds of information here. Use the tags to help find what you’re looking for.

By all means if you know of more doll and toy related Tumblrs, please leave a comment, I’d love to see them!

And now I must do laundry. Next post will be good online spots to buy dolls and ponies!

We’ve hit a snag…

A few snags, actually.

The first snag being – WE CANNOT FIND SHELVES. All we want is some simple, put-em-together-yourself white shelves, wide enough across to hold two American Girl dolls, with another shelf for a “closet” below that, other shelves for MH and Barbie and whatever the hell else I decide that I need to have. We went to Home Depot and they had nothing. You had to order them online, have them shipped to the store, and then go and pick them up.

*record scratch*


Um. No. Hell no. So very much not paying what is undoubtedly astronomical shipping, just to have to drive across town to pick them up? What the hell, Home Depot. What the green screaming hell.

The other snag, and this is most certainly the more First World Problem of the two… I CAN’T FIND NEW TOYS!

Equestria Girls? Nada.
New My Little Pony sets? Nada.
Ever After High anywhere but Justice? Nada.
New Monster High? Nada.
Pinkie Cooper? Nada.
New Bratzillaz? Nada.

Northeast Tennessee has become a virtual toy WASTELAND, y’all. If it weren’t for Toybox Philosopher, I would never have gotten my hands on a Twyla, and if it weren’t for Nethilia, I wouldn’t be getting my hands on an Equestria Girls Rarity. Nethilia and I just, I swear, start building boxes for each other, and then mail. It’s a nice little system! But yeah.

So there really hasn’t been much to post! I did get some new AG outfits from the stuff they had marked down. Maybe I’ll review one of those. Test the new paint in the room as a backdrop. We’ll see!