REVIEW: BFC, Ink “Summer Splashin'” Kaitlin

Well, bugger. Unfortunately, room pics can’t happen because the paint on the last shelf isn’t dry yet. Yay for humid Tennessee summer days? Anyway, until that paint dries, I don’t want to put dolls on that shelf and possibly have paint come off on their shoes.

But… I didn’t want to let today go by without a post and it so happens I do have something.

Having finally gotten my car back after a week and a half of not driving it (timing chain going bad means OH GODS DON’T DRIVE YOUR CAR YOU DUMB BROAD!), I ventured out this morning to return something to Target and have a looksie around.  I’m trying to find the old Our Generation futon style bed so that my AG girls have something to sit on – poor little things are getting quite tired of standing all the time – but my Target seems to have gotten rid of them in favor of the newer canopy bed, which will not fit in the place I need it to. Our Hobby Lobby (yes, I know, they’re a terrible company in a lot of ways, but they’re the best craft store going in my town) is in the same strip mall as a TJ Maxx and a Ross: Dress for Less, and I decided to pop into those stores to see if that’s where old Our Generation stuff goes to die. (We know it doesn’t go to heaven where the eagles fly.)

Unfortunately, I had no luck locating that bed, but in TJ Maxx, I did chance upon something else.

A BFC, Ink doll marked down to $14.99.

When BFC, Ink was popular I wasn’t yet back into doll collecting the way I am now, so they very obviously didn’t ping my radar at the time, and a few searches when I got home proved to me that I got a pretty good deal on her now that they’re discontinued. (This is the doll I got as found on Amazon.) She was quite cute, and the price was right for my limited budget, so I snapped her up.

(Much to the chagrin of a little girl who had apparently wanted her and her mother said no, and the little girl cried when she saw me carrying her to the checkout. My bad kid.)

So lets have a look at BFC, Ink Kaitlin!

So apparently, MGA did finally do away with the painful looking arm up pose they seemed to like so much. Kaitlin is posed quite modestly in her skinny box with her few accessories tucked around her and her bag over her shoulder.

Kaitlin has  got a very sweet looking face, with green eyes that don’t close, and painted on eyelashes. I do love her smile, and the blush on her cheeks is a nice touch. The outside of the box touts “100+ Poses!” and also advertises which looks to be as defunct as the doll line.

The back of the box advertises the other dolls in the line – in outfits that I like much better than the swimsuit and wrap Kaitlin came in. Those names though. Ugh.

It was simple enough to pop the top off the box and pull out the insert…

And then I fell over, because  that was waiting for me when I turned the box around. Oh my gods, y’all, this was horrible. Thankfully, I was able to snip through the tape and get the little plastic doodads pulled through easy enough.

But when I got her pulled away, there was even more fresh hell for me to deal with. Plastic and stitching and a band around her neck and… do I even need to start on that rooting job? That’s just lazy.

Out the box. I will give that she stands like a champ. This is when I noticed that I was peeling paint up on the chest of drawers I was standing her on, so we moved.

Kaitlin has cute honey-blonde hair (I would have preferred Calista if I could have gotten her, but at TJ Maxx you really can’t be picky) and comes wearing a one-piece swimsuit with peekaboos on the sides and a wrap around her waist. She comes with a brush (quickly pitched into a box of such things), plastic shoes, and a polka-dotted beach bag.

Her 18″ body is made of hard, hollow plastic and she has 14 points of articulation. This is my first time owning a doll that has a joint just under her bust, so I had a great time playing with that.

She kneels like a champ! Odd thing, her knees don’t turn. Her feet move and turn quite well, but her knees don’t.

She does a decent front-to-back split, but side-to-side splits are right out due to the fact that her hips don’t rotate.

Without her shoes on, she doesn’t stand as easily, and was prone to tipping backwards. The articulation in her arms isn’t so great, so that’s about all the better she can touch her head. Under her clothes, she has painted on white panties.

I’m kind of baffled by this doll seeing her without clothes on. Her face is very childlike, but her body screams pre-teen. Her bust really kind of throws the illusion off.

She really does have an incredibly sweet face though. Her green eyes are beautiful. I am, however, a bit jarred by the lipliner. O.o

She sits remarkably well. (I’m just going to apologize now for the wonky coloring on these photos. I need to fix my camera settings for the very blue room.)

I decided to see how she’d fare in some American Girl clothes. The dress is a dress I purchased from LoveEllieBean on Etsy and that actually wears tight on Mari, but it’s way too big for Kaitlin. The shoes are a pair of shoes that came with a Journey Girls fashion pack that Nethilia picked up for me, but the JG shoes don’t fit BFC Ink any better than they fit American Girls.

So, we can safely say, American Girl and Journey Girls clothes? Definitely a no-go on BFC Ink. Y’all probably knew this already but hey, I’m a newb in some regards. Shush, it’s my blog.

So, I got Elyse out for comparison’s sake. It is really, really hard to photograph dolls of two such wildly different skintones! Anyway. Both dolls are 18″ tall, but that’s where the similarities end. In the face, they could almost pass for the same age, but once you get to that body… I skew Elyse to be about 10-11 years old, and her soft cloth body reflects that. Where Kaitlin could pass for 10-11 years old in her face, you hit that body and you’re looking at a teenager.

Even with the generic Classic Mold, Elyse has loads more personality in her face, where after awhile, Kaitlin starts to look sort of bland. The hair is also wildly different. Elyse’s hair, as we know, is made of a wonderfully soft kankelon fiber and is soft and easy to brush, where I’m not sure what Kaitlin’s hair is made of – saran, perhaps – and is kind of stringy and not at all well-rooted in the back.

See? That’s just pitiful, it really is. I’ll give her a couple shots of braid spray later and see if that at least tames the frizz.

It’s not really fair for me to compare the two that way, I know, because Elyse is a hundred+ dollar doll and Kaitlin probably retailed for about twenty-ish, but comparison is the name of the game here folks!

I just prefer the American Girl, or any 18″ soft-bodied doll, all around.

All in all, am I glad I got my hands on a BFC Ink? Yes. I think once I can find her some better clothes than a swimsuit and wrap, I’ll enjoy having her around. She won’t have a place of reverence the way I hold my AG girls so dear, but she’ll make a nice addition to the wee posse over here. Her posability will definitely prove to be fun when I can take her outside and photograph her and all in all, for what I paid, I think I got a nice doll.


8 thoughts on “REVIEW: BFC, Ink “Summer Splashin'” Kaitlin

  1. Wow, sometimes I wonder who approves doll designs before they go into production! I had a face like this when I was about 6, and boobs like these when I was… no, wait, I’m 25 and my boobs are nowhere nearly as big. The face is really sweet however, and there is articulation. If there was a way to shave the boobs or if you find appropriate clothes that hide them, you got yourself a very nice doll!

    • She’s growing on me a lot. I might cut that hair off – cause it’s kind of a mess – and put a wig on her, and try and find her some better clothes, but I am certainly enjoying having her around!

  2. Why Is hobby lobby a bad company? Same thing when Neth said (in her H4H review) that she wouldn’t take out the dolls bangs because of the head scarf, and would rather the money didn’t go th World Vision. I cannot wait until the photos of you new room! Please post them soon! 🙂

    • I’m at work so I can’t be as thorough as I’d like with this, but I’m gonna do my best. When Obamacare was passed into law, Hobby Lobby immediately started to raise a stink about the fact that birth control, and the morning after pill, would be required to be covered by whatever insurance they chose to use to cover their employees, saying that both BC and the morning after pill were against their religious beliefs and that they cause abortions (which is very very much not true). They would rather pay a $1.3 million penalty per day for not carrying birth control pills than actually just follow the law and let their female employees be in charge of their own reproductive organs.

      They also tried to file for an exemption from the health care mandate saying that they were a religious institution. To which a court said “LOL no, you’re a business.”

      Just generally, they’re not very nice people, and pretty much suck as human beings. I always kinda feel like I, as an atheist LGBT person is going to catch on fire the minute I step into the store, but unfortunately, it’s the only decent craft store in my town. Our Michael’s sucks, and our Ben Franklin is a mess.

      Eugh, I just read about World Vision. They’re quite Evangelical as well. I think Neth’s reasoning was more one of wanting to choose where her money goes, but I’d be tetchy on it too, they seem to be kind of corrupt. That’s not cute either. Makes me really think a little harder about picking up a H4H doll.

  3. I am going to quote something I read: There are the polite, nice non-Christians, and there are the rude, bigoted anti-Christians. I am against gay rights, paganism, atheism, ect. But I will NEVER be rude to a person or company because I don’t agree with there lifestyle. Nuff’ said.

    • Okay? I really don’t see that I was rude. I do understand I was far from polite. But all I did was I simply stated an opinion and followed it in a comment with documented fact. Do I care for HL’s stance on things? No. Do I still go into the store? Yes, because as I said, it’s the only craft store going around here, and if I want craft supplies, it’s either get them quickly from there (or brave our crappy Michaels and hope that they have what I need, which they rarely do, their focus seems to be on fake flowers and picture framing), or have them shipped from elsewhere and have it take a week, and a lot of times, I don’t want to wait, or I am in the middle of something and realize I don’t have a paint color I need or something of that nature.

      I am not always polite, nor do I feel I have to be at all times. I am fiercely independent, opinionated, brutally honest, and brash. At the same time, I am, most often, generally quite cheerful. I’m a happy person most of the time, in spite of the things life and nature have thrown at me. Me being me is allowed in a blog that is my own space. Whether my opinion, or my life in general, is one you agree with or not, this is my space and I will state my opinion freely.

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