The wait, it is over!

The room is done! Or it’s as done as it’s going to get until the backordered things get here. Grr. But I can’t wait anymore so here we go then!

One seriously image obese post under the jump!

We’re actually going to start in my bedroom. No, you don’t get to see my bed, that’s creepy! But here’s where we’ll start. These are my “big five” of Monster High collecting. Not all the Lagoona dolls are up there. I’m short and I couldn’t reach. The ones I try to get every doll of – the fact that two playsets that come with a bunch of plastic shit I don’t have room for is going to make getting the newest Spectra and Operetta dolls a problem, but where there’s an ebay, there’s a way.

There’s my two Rochelle Goyle dolls – I just adore her! And four of my several Lagoona Blue dolls. I love those Willy Wonka-esque glasses on the one furthest to the left.

All the Abbey! I could go on and on about that Music Festival Abbey, I really could, she’s precious! A hippie! ♫ Gimme a head with hair, long beautiful hair. Shining, gleaming, steaming, flaxen, waxen. ♫ Sorry for all the upskirt shots on that front row. I really, really want to learn how to make these girls some panties.

Spectra “So Goth She was Born Dead” Vondergeist and Operetta, who I loved the minute she opened her mouth and had a Southern accent.

Alright, so lets leave this room and head up the hall a bit – it’s like five feet, our house is really small.

Open the door and…  et voila! Room! Painted a lovely aqua color, furniture and trims are all in white. It’s so cheerful! That maroon lump in the corner there is my older dog’s bed, this is actually “her” bedroom. You’ll see further evidence of this later on that couch.

Turn to your left after entering the room and you get greeted with ponies! For those who know me from equestriamlp, these are the same shelves I’ve always had, they’ve just been painted, and ever since I’ve wondered why I didn’t do that. It makes pony colors pop so nicely!  Lets look at the left one first.

Up top, we have the two Glimmer Wings that I have. I only got the ones I didn’t have in regular pegasus form, and this was before Ploomette came along in regular pegasus (but only available in Europe) form. The other is Sweet Song, who I think is stunning, even if her hair is still ratty. No amount of brushing has fixed it yet, I’m afraid she’s up for rerooting, but I don’t know how possible that is with those wings.

Shelf of Royalty! Got White Tia (my affectionate name for Princess Celestia, thanks to Egophiliac’s adorable comics), Pink Tia, Nightmare Moon, Princess Luna, Shining Armor, Princess Cadance, and Princess Twilight Sparkle. Queen Chrysalis, when that set is procured, will go up here.

The first few waves of Playful Ponies, as well as some that were only available in playsets, four (as I call them) European Expats (ponies only available in Europe, at least at the time) and my very, very much loved Taobao-procured Minty (Known as “A” Minty on the Arena with the advent of the newer one)

The most recent waves of Playful Ponies, and the ponies from last year’s Fan Favorites collection, as well as all the fillies. “B” Minty is there too, I got her on Taobao, along with Mrs Cake and Twirly Treats (who is under that mass of pink and green hair. Yikes.) The two glittery ponies are from the Pinkie Pie’s Boutique line (WYSTERIA!!!) and so is “Gothie Pie” on the end of that row.  Room is being saved here for the other ponies in this year’s Fan Favorites collection, and the Fillies collection that Target is going to put out, and anypony else new that comes along. I like to keep my ponies all tuckled together, I think they look cute and cheerful, all those little faces peeking out at you.

Okay, this is pitiful. I’ve not really kept up on my Equestria Girls. Which I need to do, but I’m waiting to see who all gets articulated versions. Also, I have a Rarity coming to me. And there’s a playset coming out that is going to have Princess/Vice Principal Luna, who is a must have (I have a Pretty Pony Princess Problem). Also the Pinkie Pie’s Boutique Gothie Pie. Because yes. (Also, can we have just a bit of bitchery that the Equestria Girls doll of Luna is the first time Hasbro has released a toy of her in her correct blue color from the show and not that purple? C’mon guys. If you can do it for the doll, surely you can do it for the ponies, yeah?)

Alright, lets go to the right.

Before we knew what Pinkie Pie’s Boutique was, that one on the left with the black and white stripes in her hair was commonly called Black Tie Fashion Pinkie Pie. i tend to call her Gothie Pie. I think she’s so cute. Beside her is her petal pink striped compatriot. Believe me, I never, ever thought I’d have this many Pinkie Pie toys, but she’s growing on me so much. I think it’s because lately, a creature who’s so very cheerful and happy is something I need? I don’t know.

Next shelf down is the G4 Fashion Styles. They’re all kinda crammed in there. Up front is my beloved Bubblecup (use that other name for her in the comments and I’ll fucking hit you). Not pictured: Fifty dollar bedazzled ponies. Also not pictured: Glittery Fashion Style Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle. I’m holding out for a white Fashion Style Tia. There was one on Taobao at one time but she’s never been seen again.

First shelf of G1s! Got my two big brother ponies, Moondancer, two So Softs (So Softs were my shit when I was little) and a UK “Cookery Pony” who I’m convinced is the predecessor to Mrs Cake. Also baby ponies, and a Flutter Wing with no wings.

Second shelf of G1s. Up front is my beloved Firefly, my Twinkle Eyes (As above, the shit. It is a travesty that we have not yet gotten So Softs and Twinkle Eyes in G4), a Twice as Fancy, and your basic other ponies.

I ran out of risers, so they’re kind of a mess, but here’s my G3s. I really am enjoying the G3s! Their faces are so sweet and so many different poses!

Alright, lets go to the right again, move the dog bed, and continue!

Big cupboard! Hmm, what’s in there?

Why, it’s Mari and Elyse, welcoming you to their condo! Lets look up top first. You can see storage up there.

Move the boxes and we have hats and spare bedding!

Boxes hold shoes. One on the left is official AG shoes, one on the right is Our Generation/Springfield/etc.


And here’s the girls again. The bed is a My Life As… bed from Walmart, that was spray paint primed and then spray painted aqua, and the bedding is Our Generation’s Cupcake Bedding Set. As is the pen and notebook Mari is holding.

We’re not quite done with this, as you see. The letters there are just from Michaels (one of the few things I”ve gone there to get and actually found), with paper Mod Podged to them and then cut out and sealed, in colors that the girls like the best (Mari’s my girly girl, Elyse is more a tomboy and hates pink) and they need to be hung, and I have a little clock for them, and I want to get a little table for a nightstand. Maybe a little rug. Then it’ll be perfect!

Bottom cupboard is more storage. Clothes up top, other stuff on the bottom, and my celebrated bottle of braid spray. The little drawers in back hold earrings (I pierced both their ears so they can wear regular post earrings) and hair doodads. The drawers came from Lowes and were so simple to install and are PERFECT. They hold extra clothes, t-shirts and such, unmentionables, purses, and spare hangers. Every AG bag I have is crammed on the side there. Cause I love them.

Closet is just a dowel rod, and that’s a ton of AG hangers holding everything up. I was giddy the day AG started selling clippy hangers.

And there’s one of the drawers.

To the right!

This is the part that will remain unfinished for the time being. Stupid place has my Cubeical containers on backorder! So for now, everything just sits there. This is all crafting stuff.  I really do come by it honestly.

Half-couch. Rumpled half-couch at that. My older dog alternates between her dog bed and this thing to sleep on at night (the younger one sleeps in bed with me), and she keeps trying to nest it. We need to get some of those things you jam into the couch to hold slipcovers in place. Pillows have been in my family for years. They’re ugly and fuzzy thanks to Holly’s resting on them, but oh well.

This was a dark green nightstand, but we painted it blue and then went over it with white. Looks like clouds!

Winder. The stencil is a butterfly my mom put on a watering can to decorate it and then she hung it there. I think it’s cute.

Chest of drawers. Holds people clothes.

Cram up back to the wall and here’s DOLLS! 😀

These are a lot of one-offs that haven’t had a new doll, and just dolls that are special to me.

Smaller girls go on top. They can’t have their stands, but that’s okay. That’s Howleen, Twyla, Maddie Hatter, Ginger Jones from the Pinkie Cooper line and Una Verse from Novi Stars. This needs improving but I’m TIRED.

Catty Noir and the Kitty Girls (have you heard my new band, Catty Noir and the Kitty Girls?) Funny, I’m actually not overly fond of cats – I’m actually horrifically allergic – but I do love the Monster High Werecats. Toralei’s tail is floating around here somewhere, but for now she’s a manx. Then you got Catrine, who I found in Walmart early one morning and had a squeal. Then in front of them, you have Meowlody and Purrsephone, and there in front… CATTY NOIR! Gotten yesterday, YES! Oh did I have an adventure getting her, y’all. Target had none but I found a boatload at Kmart on my way to work, and then I had to wait all day to get her home and take pictures! Worth the wait though! She’s GORGEOUS. Very hard to photograph, but gorgeous. I want to get her some jeans.


These are just assorted dolls that are either too tall for the other shelves, or just don’t fit in anywhere else. Liv in Wonderland Katie is peeking out the back there, she was a wonderful gift from The Toybox Philosopher, in thanks for my Maddie Hatter review. Then beside her are two La Dee Da dolls, from the Fairytale line. Tylie as the Snow Queen and Sloan as Little Red Riding Hood, then my Wicked Witch of the West Barbie (original, not the newer movie.) Then up front is my Katniss Everdeen Barbie, my Bratzillaz Switch-a-Witch Harlow Quinn, Jinafire Long, and Clawdeen Wolf as Little Dead Riding Wolf.

More special ones! CA Cupid (Monster High version, can’t WAIT to see if we get an Ever After High version!) starts us off. There’s a tale to her. The day I got her, she didn’t ring up. The manager on duty at the store I got her at pretended to look for the price and then sold her to me for FOUR BUCKS. I shit you not, y’all. Beside her is Skelita Calaveras, given to me for custom purposes for a Jinkx Monsoon custom that I’ve not yet gotten around to (our sewing machine is on it’s last legs), then Venus McFlytrap and Scaris Cleo. Up front is the SDCC Exclusive Deadfast Ghoulia, Power Ghouls Clawdeen, Robecca Steam and Scaris Lagooona. That playset was given to me by Nethilia and it is dear to me.  If I had managed to get Weberella/Daughter of Arachne, she would have been on this shelf, but alas.

And finally, my Create-a-Monster girls! I LOVE THESE. I love how much creativity you can put in them, and that they can wear other wigs with a little finagling. In back there is Crystal Fraust, the Ice Girl. My Harpy Girl, who doesn’t have a name yet. My Sea Serpent girl, who doesn’t have a name yet, and Trinity, my 3-Eyed Girl. Up front is Elle Honeysuckle, my Bee Girl, Vi S. Cous (get it?) my blob girl (She’s wearing I ❤ Shoes Draculaura’s clothes and a Liv wig) and I think she is mad stylin’!) and Elbetsie Thropp, the daughter of the Wicked Witch of the West/Elphaba Thropp, who is wearing Disney VIP clothes and a Liv wig.

And finally, here’s the other unfinished bit! We’re going to get a board or two, and this will be a crafting area! I’m hoping for a smaller one to go across up top to hold my custom ponies as well.

So, that’s the room! I’m really happy with it. With the exception of the paint (which we had to buy, obviously), the couch (which was spendy) and the cupboard (which we got at Big Lots), everything was repurposed from what we already had, which saved us a lot of money!

Thanks for reading! See you soon with… I dunno what!

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