Create-A-Monster Appreciation Post

One of the things that I think Mattel has done really, really right is the Create-A-Monster line. Not only does it feed into the imaginative play aspect of things for children (and adults!) but it gives people of all ages a chance to bring their own original characters to life, without having to try and customize the dolls already in existence, which if you’re not inclined towards painting or sewing or sculpting, is a plus.

It’s just fun!

So, of the handful of Create-A-Monster dolls I have, here are some of my favorites, and if I’ve figured them out yet, the stories behind the ghouls.

This is Elbetsie Weston Thropp, age 15. She is the daughter of the Wicked Witch of the West, or more specifically for my own take on it, the daughter of Elphaba Thropp from Wicked.  She thought she had to fulfill some kind of destiny, you know, Defy Gravity and all that shit and I’ll Get You My Pretty, but she’s pretty much over her mother’s whole schtick and is more than a bit of a troublemaker, but she’s not mean about it. One could call her a prankster, mostly, but not a mean girl. If she could bleach that verdigris of hers, she’d be happy, but unfortunately for her, nothing has worked. She has, however, ditched her mother’s fondness for the black capes and pointy hats in favor of a more casual, colorful style, and dyed her long black hair red and brown as soon as she got the opportunity. She wants to be the leader of the C-A-M squad, but is sadly thwarted in this by her frenemy E.B. She was the first to welcome Harlowe Quinn to the gang when I got the Switch-a-Witch set (more on this later) and has since become very good friends with her.

I got Elbetsie’s body as a private purchase off of Ebay once I got the idea for the character – the Witch/Cat set proved very difficult to find in my area and at the time I didn’t want the Cat Girl – and her hair is a Liv wig. Her clothes are the Disney VIP Alex Russo add-on pack.

Elle Beatrice Honeysuckle – commonly called E.B. – is the Bee Girl, daughter of the Queen Bee, 16 years old, the leader of the C-A-M squad, the first completed C-A-M girl that I ever owned, and far and away my favorite. She’s a sweet, fun-loving girl who tries to make everyone feel welcome on the shelf. Her glasses are two-fold, she finds them highly fashionable, and they help her to see color, since bees can actually not see color. But a girl needs to know how to accessorize and if she can’t see in color she can’t do that, can she? She lives with her mother, and takes care of the day-to-day running of her extended family’s honey production, such as candies and of course, honey mead. Yum. She’s aware, fully, that Elbetsie is trying to oust her as the leader of the C-A-M squad but isn’t much bothered, since she knows that as the First Arrival, she would be in charge no matter what.

E.B. is completely stock. I saw the Bee Girl Add-On and had a flailing moment in the middle of Kmart, and bought. I later got online and found the original torso pack from Mattel, and bought it to complete her look. Her glasses are held on with a small elastic under her wig – she has no ears – and her wings got super-glued in one day after I got tired of them going walkabout.

Crystal Diamante Frost, 16, the Ice Girl, is the daughter of Jack Frost and the cousin of Abbey Bominable. She came to Monster High a few years after Abbey, speaking absolutely no English. Abbey had to translate for her until she learned, which happened pretty quickly, she’s a polyglot. She simultaneously learned both English and Zombie, and speaks both very fluently, and can even carry on a stilted conversation with Cleo in Egyptian, as long as Cleo is patient with her. She’s very, very shy, her don’t-rock-the-boat self is the polar (ha) opposite to Abbey’s typically blunt nature. All in all, Crys is pretty mellow, doesn’t get involved in the frequent cat fights between the more dominant two, and is pretty much just a spacey dreamer.

Crystal is completely stock, save for her shoes, which are a spare pair of pink shoes that I got off of a budget Draculaura I found at Big Lots. I thought they went with her dress better than what came with the Blob/Ice pack.

Viviane Sidonia Cous, aka Vi S. Cous (read that carefully. Come back when you get it.), aka Vivi, 15 and a half, the Blob Girl, is the daughter of The Blob, and a sassy, kind girl who tries her hardest to not glop all over everything. She is definitely a fashion plate, always likes to look her best, but the fact that she left a mark whenever she touched anything made her seek out a slightly more vintage-y style so that she could wear gloves and still look good. (Yes, I know her insides of her arms are red, her hands are held in with polymer clay at the moment and all I had handy was red. This will change later.) She’s vivacious and sassy, but studious and serious when she needs to be. She likes to have fun, but she knows when it’s time to buckle down and get to work. And she’s kind and generous without letting herself be a doormat. I was describing her to Nethilia, and we came to the realization that she’s basically Rarity in Monster form. She tends to be the voice of reason when Elbetsie and E.B. get going, and is friendly to everyone on the shelf, even the dolls from other brands. She’s particularly fond of Maddie Hatter.

The only thing on Vivi that’s stock is her body. When I got the Blob/Ice starter, I loved her, but I absolutely hate molded wigs. (Call it a knee-jerk reaction to bronies acting like everything has to have ~OMG molded hair, brushables suck~) Her hair is a Liv in Wonderland Hayden wig, and her clothes (and gloved hands) all come from I ❤ Shoes Draculaura. As soon as I saw the doll at Big Lots, the idea of jacking all her stuff for my Blob Girl came to mind, and after I got her into her clothes and everything, that’s when her name and story came to me. The reason for the polymer clay holding her hands in is because regular Monster High hands pegs are too small for C-A-M arms, so adjustments needed to be made. My eventual plan is to get either clear polymer clay, or poster putty, and use it instead. For now, I use what I got.

To round out the bunch right now, have my Switch-a-Witch outlier! Inspired by Toybox Philosopher’s review of them (while in total agreement that S-A-W is such a ripoff of C-A-M that it’s not even funny), and then Nethilia’s mods of this same one, I took it a step further. I found the fashion pack for one of the other dolls with a red dress, found some red shoes, and put that shit on proper. Then she got a name. Harlowe Quinn. In keeping with the “daughter of…” thing, she is the daughter of Harley Quinn. She’s 17, not quite as villianous as her mother, but can be even more pranky than Elbetsie, and with not-as-nice a veneer over it.

So this is her in total. I like how she looks. I might eventually give her (and Crystal) some freckles, but I’m going to keep her lips red because they go so well with her dress. I wish I could do an eye-mod on her without ruining her head, cause she’d look awesome with the silver eyes that came with the yellow and white S-A-W pack, but sadly, my attempts at this were not great. I know there’s more S-A-W packs coming and there was one I was intrigued by, but I’ve not seen them anywhere down here at all. Are they out yet?

So anyway, this was a frivolous post, but I needed something frivolous!

6 thoughts on “Create-A-Monster Appreciation Post

  1. The Bratzillaz are a pain to eye-mod, but it IS possible…provided you have a really strong stick-like thing, a blow-dryer, and saintly patience. I swapped out Cloetta’s mis-matched eyes for a gorgeous pair of Liv greens (they’re SLIGHTLY smaller than the Bratz but once the vinyl cools, the eyes are gobbed in place and nothing’s gone wonky yet). I like the SAW better than CAM just on the grounds that the wigs or so much freaking nicer. Almost all of my CAMs are either wearing Liv wigs or have their hair painted on because the CAM wigs are so garbage.

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