My Little Pony Comparison: A Tale of Two Mintys

I got to talking to beastsbelle (*waves*) over at Never Grow Up in her post about the new Canterlot Castle Collector’s Set 8-pony set (that can apparently be found for a pretty reasonable price at Costco right now!) and I had mentioned that I was probably going to do a compare contrast between the two Minty figures that are now currently in existence, since they are actually quite different. beastsbelle expressed surprise that there was another one – not surprising, because it was two years ago, and she only showed up on Taobao in very limited quantities (save for a few that ended up on ebay because ofΒ  greedy scalpers and one person who tried to Buy It Now sell her for A THOUSAND DOLLARS. This is why we can’t have nice things, people.) – and that made me decide that I should do this sooner rather than later!

Add in that this little comic here is basically summing me up today…

And today just seemed like a fine day to do that!

(Also can I just say that it is still weird – and cool! – to be able to say that I was talking to this blogger or that blogger? I thought I’d start this blog and then move on and forget about it like I tend to do, but I’ve stuck with it and now I’m getting over my social awkwardness and actually talking to folks? WHAT IS THIS MADNESS?!)

So, go under the jump for a comparison of two Mintys! Both alike in dignity and… eh.

Okay, so here they both are! Lets give some background here first, cause that’s how we roll in the Shire.

The one on the right first appeared on Taobao back in roughly August of 2011 in fairly limited quantities. When I noticed, there were about 20 of them in stock. There may have been more, but that’s all I remember. So, I learned how to navigate Taobao and go through an agent (this is a process I’ve detailed elsewhere.)Β  And I managed to get her! Shipping from China took awhile (like, over a month), but I fell in love the minute she was in my hands. She was and is beautiful, and I damn near cried when I held her for the first time, farreal. When the second one came around, the first one was deemed “A Minty,” and to this day remains a lot of people’s grail pony in G4.Β  Because I am loathe to cut the hair of such a rare pony, I’ve just thatched her hair in back and given her pigtails, a look that seems to suit her.

The one on the left, on the other hand (hoof?), showed up in about May on ebay and Taobao both and I folded like a cheap card table. I had to have her, and I paid way more money than I maybe should have, but to me it was worth it, especially when the news came down the pike that she was going to be in a playset that so far, I can’t get (we have no Costco here) and is made up entirely of ponies that I already own (though getting the White Tia and Nightmare Moon in one set is nifty, I don’t need dupes.) On the Arena, she’s been dubbed “B Minty” and I’ll be using those names for the two of them to differentiate between them in this post. She’s maybe not as rare as the other one (though given that she’s only available in a playset, she’s rarer than a Playful Pony single), but I’m still loathe to cut her hair, so I just gave her some curls with a straw.

Alright, so as you can see above, there’s some pretty startling differences between the two, body color, eye color, cutie mark, hair color… we’ll get into this in more detail!

mintys002Stop looking at my butt!

First up is “A Minty.” This is her cutie mark. Don’t ask me why I didn’t take a full body shot right off. I just can’t brain today because I have the dumb. Anyway, as you can see, her cutie mark… well. It’s a cutie mark! Pretty self-explanatory, really. It’s done like all the other cutie marks out there, stands out from the body but looks like it belongs there. Her body color is a pale green, I would say this is a “true” mint green, where it is actually a green color. It looks, to me, like a darker version of Honeydew.

And here’s her eye. It’s a pretty eye, really! Purple! She uses the Cheerilee eye decal (yes, I’m THAT big a nerd, that I compare head molds and eyes between ponies to see who has what.) I thought for a long time that she had the Pinkie Pie eye decal, but I was wrong, Pinkie has three lower lashes instead of just two, and her eyes are a lovely purple that has a gradient down to more of a pink color. She also apparently got some dirt in her hair that I’m only just now noticing. Gah.

Her hair is an alternating pattern of sections of white hair and pink hair. I’m really not entirely sure that this is nylon. The nylon hair on my ponies feels very soft and this is much stiffer. I’ve left it as is however, because she’s very special to me and I don’t want to ruin her in anyway.

This is her compared to her revamped counterpart (if you remember that there was a G1 Minty who looked nothing like this and had four-leaf clovers as a cutie mark). You can see that the cutie mark is damn-near identical, it’s really only the sizing that’s different. Everything else, colorwise, is exactly the same.

And an eye comparison as well to G3 Minty. I think that “A Minty”s eyes are a lovely little shout-out to G3, with the way they go from the purple down to the pink. Really cute little shout-out to us old-timers!

mintys007There was an unhappy shriek as I did this, I’ll have you know.

I wrestled her hair around – thatching takes some time and I didn’t want to take it all down! – to show you the stamp on the back of her head that signifies that she is using the Applejack head mold.

Alright, onward to “B Minty”!

So again we start with the butt shot. It feels less indecent when it’s a plastic pony somehow, but still. Fact remains I am taking pictures of pony butts. Anyway! You can see her cutie mark is quite different than “A Minty.” The colors, especially that pink, are a lot more vibrant, and there’s the black outlines around the mints. As you can see too, her body is more of a Magic Mint color than a true green. More on this later.

Okay, so here we have her face. Her eyes, rather than being purple-into-pink are just straight-up pink. And she, for sure, uses the Pinkie Pie eye decal, which is signified by the three lower lashes. The larger reflection in her eye is also more of an oval shape than being perfectly round.

Her hair is pink, all through. No sections of any other color. At one time I started to try and figure out who’s hair matched what in DollyHair nylon, and I think I discovered that this Minty’s hair was closest to Pussycat, but I couldn’t prove that to be sure and DollyHair never got back to me about samples. This is definitely pony nylon, it’s very soft and easy to curl and the curls have stayed since I got her in May.

Again, comparing her to G3 Minty, cause that’s how we do. There are some similarities! The body color of “B Minty” is closer to G3 Minty than the other one is, and her hair color is as well. It looks to me that G3 Minty uses the “fading pink” nylon and I’m thinking quite possibly that “B Minty” does as well. In regards to the cutie mark and eyes, “A Minty” is still the closer match there.

This Minty also uses the Applejack head mold. (Please ignore my horrible fingernails, I have onychophagia, which means I bite or pick my fingernails almost constantly out of stress or anxiety and they just… are this.)

Okay, so here’s the two side by side. That’s… wow. You know, I’ve never really looked at them like this before but their heads are startlingly different! Not even just the eyes and such, but their snouts! “A Minty” really does look to have more of an upturned snout than “B Minty” does. But they both use the Applejack head mold?

Okay, turning “A Minty” to her non-display side so they can be…


*rustles through papers*

*scrolls up* Applejack… *scrolls down a bit* Applejack.

*double checks this again on the ponies proper*

Okay, they have to have changed that head mold somewhere along the line, because “A Minty” definitely has a different looking, shorter looking, more upturned snout than “B Minty.”


*runs off to take a few more picts with other ponies*

mintys-aajI say, y’all look awful familiar…

Okay, here’s “A Minty” and Applejack, the originator of that head mold. Pretty much identical! I think Minty’s standing on her tail so that might be giving her some height? But they’re both shorter and more upturned snouts. I should note that this is the original Applejack, because like Rainbow Dash yesterday, she has the forelock that Hasbro is no longer putting on ponies. (Also I should note that it is getting dark out so that’s why these pictures look different than the ones taken earlier in the afternoon!)

And here’s “B Minty” and Applejack. Yep, there is a definite difference here. They most definitely changed that head mold. But to what, I wonder?

mintys-bcakeNo, Minty, Mrs. Cake’s hair is not for eating!

Here’s “B Minty” and Mrs. Cake, who has the Pinkie Pie head mold. Well, it’s certainly not that mold.

At this point, friends, I became a blogger possessed. I stood in front of my shelf and starting moving hair aside like a mad woman, reading the stamps on the back of the heads. Most every Earth pony released these days uses the Pinkie Pie head mold. After some wrestling of her mohawk, I finally did find a newer pony with the Applejack head mold.

Zecora! Though Zecora stands a little taller – the “walking pose” ponies just do stand taller – it’s glaringly obvious that she does use the exact same head mold as “B Minty.”

So, what does this all mean? It means that somewhere between the wave when the Applejack head molds ceased being made with forelocks and the making of Zecora, they changed the look of the head mold completely. This apparently didn’t happen with “A Minty,” since she is identical to an original release Applejack except for the bangs. I don’t have a newer Applejack (forelock is superior!) but this redesign happened sometime, that much is clear! Someday when I have some time on my hands (ha, like I clearly don’t have too much time on my hands already?) I’ll go through my ponies and see who has what and post the results here and at EquestriaMLP, because learnings are fun and sharing is caring. Or something.

Know what else is becoming abundantly clear? I am a nerd.

Um. Okay, where was I? Oh right.

Here’s the two of them side-by-side again. I don’t know if I can really pick who’s cuter, I like them both!

I got another idea then – I swear, I’ve been back and forth taking pictures on this all day long. This was supposed to be a quick post, not Snarky Plays Plucky Girl Detective! – and decided to get Lyra Heartstrings back off the shelf, since she’s the only other pony in this color. Ponies like Dewdrop Dazzle and Snowcatcher are too dark, and ponies like Star Swirl, Mrs. Cake and Trixie are too blue.

“B Minty” and Lyra are damn near identical in color. I would say that Minty is maybe just a tidge lighter in shade, but not by much at all.

Funny enough, their head molds also look similar, but I think I made my own head spin, Exorcist-style, with all this comparing and having to squint at tiny little stamps on the backs of pony heads and I am not doing it again.

Alright, and here’s the three together. That’s “B Minty” on the left, Lyra in the middle and “A Minty” on the right. Yeah, you can definitely make out some just very subtle differences between “B Minty” and Lyra in color, Lyra being deeper in color, but it’s not glaring. “A Minty” was and remains the only “true green” pony made thus far.

Alright, kids, group shot!

So… here we are. The two G4 Minty ponies do have some glaring differences, and neither is an exact clone of their G3 predecessor, but is one superior to the other? Not to me. I like them both. I think Minty, in any form, is one of the best ponies ever (you can never go wrong with a fun, quirky sock-lover of a pony), and I’m glad that Hasbro did finally get off their ass and release her in some form, or I’m starting to think there would have been an angry mob forming. She’s incredibly cute whether it’s the older form or the newer one, and I think she’s a fun addition to any collection for her sweet face, and of course the nostalgia factor.

Now, Hasbro… can we talk about getting a pony that looks like Firefly? Oh wait, there is one? Right, Flitterheart. Okay…. Mimic then?

14 thoughts on “My Little Pony Comparison: A Tale of Two Mintys

  1. *Waves back* Very interesting post, AJ. I had to laugh at your comments about all the pictures, because I’ve often ended up on a photo rabbit trail while working on my posts. πŸ˜‰ So you’re not the only one. And hey, nerds are awesome!! All of us nerds need to stick together. πŸ˜‰

    I’m amazed at just how different the two G4 Mintys are. I have to say, while I like A Minty’s eyes and cutie mark better, I actually prefer B Minty’s mane and tail and body color. (I guess it’s good I ended up with B Minty). πŸ˜‰

    I also realized while reading this post that I have A LOT to learn about G4 My Little Ponies!! I haven’t gotten into the face mold/eye decal differences yet. Maybe I’ll just let people like you do all the research and tell me. :} There’s only so many toys and dolls you can REALLY research before you start going bonkers. πŸ˜‰

    Have a great evening! πŸ™‚

    • Heyy!

      Yay nerds! So far, you, Toybox Philosopher, Nethilia and I have all copped to some pretty nerdy tendencies. Geeks is good people though so huzzah!

      When I first got the second Minty, I took a few comparison shots, but I didn’t really think much of it. It wasn’t until I was making this post that I really realized how different they are! I still rue Hasbro for getting rid of the forelocks on the ponies, because Applejack canonically has one, so for the toy to not have one anymore is more than a little annoying (also because Applejack gets slighted enough on the series, did they have to slight her toy too?!)

      I do plan to do the research more thoroughly! Maybe this week after work if I get out of work at a decent time (which hasn’t happened for two weeks so I’m not expecting it) or at least on the weekend) because now I’m really interested to see what all I can learn from it all. When I have it up, I’ll let you know!

      Have a good one!

  2. I prefer the eyes body color and hair of B Minty. Mainly because I feel like the Pinkie Pie eyes bring out much more of her original character. Although I just wish they didn’t have the black line CM and just made it an exact copy of the G3 CM like A Minty. Then she would be perfect. Overall 9.5 out of 10.

  3. Am I the only one who remembers watching “A Very Minty Christmas” back when G3 was still used. I loved that movie. I used to watch it a million and a half times. it’s still on Netflix. I think.

    • Absolutely not I wouldn’t. You come into MY house? On a post where I’ve given absolutely no indication that I’m trading or selling anything that’s pictured, and ask if I want to trade? Who the fuck do you think you are? That’s hella fucking rude. Get out.

      • Actually, it is VERY rude to ask someone that. If I had said anywhere that I was interested in trading her (I’m assuming you mean the harder-to-find Minty here), that would have been another story, but I didn’t. The common sense thing, the not-rude thing, would have been to assume that I am not interested in parting with my ponies. This happens a LOT on Instagram, especially with Kanani dolls, who are highly sought-after in the American Girl secondhand market, because she has a unique combination of face mold, skin tone and eye/hair color, has been retired, and is usually expensive. I’ve posted exactly one picture of my Kanani, and had to delete five comments asking me to sell her. I’ve had enough. I’m pissed off that a bunch of people think they’re entitled to my things. I’m angry that even though I’ve given no indication that I’m selling my things, people still feel the need to ask, which is RUDE AS HELL.

      • For assuming someone wants to sell things when they haven’t said “Hey, I want to sell these!” Who just marches into someone’s blog post or Instagram picture and says “Hey, wanna sell that?!” Why would you assume they want to if they haven’t said so?

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