Photosets for All and Sundry: Mari Ventures Outside

So, while I have them, I’ve not really made many posts about my American Girls. I don’t know why! But it’s time to change that.

In one of my first posts on this blog, I talked about my first American Girl, Mari Campbell, gifted to me by Nethilia for my 36th birthday. She has pretty much been my pride and joy ever since. I’ve since gotten a second one – and looked at getting a third, though I shot that idea down hard when I realized I don’t have the space for a third – but Mari remains the First Arrival, and the most spoiled of the two. Outfits I buy are nearly always bought with the thought of “will this look good on Mari?” unless it is specifically intended for Elyse.

It’s a cloudy, somewhat icky day in Northeast Tennessee. It rained earlier and I’m told it’s supposed to rain again this afternoon, which put a kibosh on my plans to go outside and mow up the leaves so my dogs don’t get fleas. But, I realized that I had a perfect “go outside and play in the leaves” outfit, that had been bought for me by my mother specifically for Mari, and so I put it on her, took her glasses off – didn’t want to lose them in the leaves – and tromped outside to our leaf-filled backyard.

marioutside001She remains the most beautiful doll I own. Here she is by one of our fence posts.

marioutside002Looking down into the “holler” (say that with as thick a Southern accent as you can muster) behind our house. It’s really steep, and filled with leaves – and poison ivy. Not going down there!

marioutside003The mean dog in the yard next door barked.

marioutside004Crisis averted, time to play in the leaves!

marioutside005Time to explore! We have one of those quintessential Southern trees – the magnolia. Ours is setting seeds! You can see them there, the gorgeous bright red seeds.

marioutside006Our yard is pretty big anyway, and it’s really big when you’re only 18 inches tall and your knees don’t bend! We’ll take a rest up on a branch.

marioutside007She got very excited when she saw that the mums match her favorite hat! She insisted on smelling them, and that I take a picture. What could I do but acquiesce? Ye gods, she’s so gorgeous, y’all.

marioutside008She likes the mums.

marioutside009And time for another rest on the bench under the maple before we head back inside.

This was my first time taking either of my dolls anywhere with the express intention of taking pictures, and I gotta say it was a lot of fun! Helps that Mari so damn photogenic!

She is wearing the Casual Chic Outfit from American Girl.

4 thoughts on “Photosets for All and Sundry: Mari Ventures Outside

  1. Oh! Just realized. You’re in the same state as me, only a different part of it. So jealous of your leaf pile though, as there’re none up here. 😀

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