New Monster High Thoughts

Much like Neth does her thoughts on new AG stuff, I thought I’d do some thoughts on the new Monster High stuff. Because at and since SDCC and NYCC, there’s been a bunch of it!

So lets get going! All pictures sourced from Tumblr.

Ghoul Spirit Assortment

So this is one a lot of people are looking forward to, mostly because of the addition of one particular male doll.

tumblr_mqalwaNEdb1rzpn7fo3_500It’s Sloman “Slo Mo” Mortavich!

tumblr_mqapv0lZR71rzpn7fo1_1280He’s got a very sweet face, but. No.

tumblr_muh2a7HIjo1rdrul0o3_1280And here’s the rest of the assortment.

I have mentioned before that I don’t like Frankie Stein. At all. And so her addition in this assortment kind of baffles me. I’d much prefer to see a Ghoulia Yelps in here, since Slo Mo’s her boyfriend. But that’s Mattel for you, gotta squeeze the viewer proxy in there wherever you can, am I right? *eyeroll* I am, however, down for the Spectra, who is quickly becoming my second “Gotta Get ‘Em All” in this franchise. She’s really growing on me, and her outfits are always so nice! The Venus is rather awesome too, and I dig Venus anyway. Slo Mo won’t be happening in this house, because I just don’t do boy dolls because I don’t usually like them, and so I’m one less person who’ll be clamoring for a Slo Mo when this assortment is released.

So that’s at least one from this set, possibly two, that I’ll be hunting. Spectra’s a for sure, and I’ll have to see Venus.

New Scaremester Assortment

So, New Scaremester is a three doll assortment, I can’t tell, obviously if this is a budget assortment like Dead Tired and the Swim Line, or if it’s a basic assortment. I guess we’ll see!

tumblr_muh2a7HIjo1rdrul0o4_1280So, I’m pretty much stoked beyond belief at the return of Catrine DeMew and Jinafire Long, both of whom were my favorites from the Scaris line. And I am absolutely loving those two dolls. Catrine with her longer, softer hair and really cute Parisian (Scarisian?) outfit, and Jinafire with her PANTS! Oh my god, y’all, they put her in PANTS! There is nothing I don’t love about those two.

It pains me so much to say that I don’t much like the Clawdeen. I adore Clawdeen as a character, I do. I also like that she’s black, because more Dolls of Color in the world are always a good thing. She, second to only Abbey in my eye, has the cutest clothes. But I really, really wish that they would step away from this idea that purple and fluorescent green are colors that need to go together on her. They’ve done so well with so many of her other dolls (13 Wishes Haunt the Casbah, Sweet 1600, and Scarily Ever After, to name a few) that seeing this purple and green monstrosity is a bit of a let down. I just don’t like green and purple together, I think it reminds me too much of Barney the Dinosaur (♫ I love you, you love me ♫ There, now it’s in your head too. You’re welcome.) for my liking. To be clear, I had a radical dislike of Dawn of the Dance Clawdeen too because that all green helmet of hair was just the pits.

So, that’s two of three from this set that are must-haves for me. Catrine and Jinafire, GET IN MY LIFE.

Coffin Bean Assortment

tumblr_mugxg57qJC1srqvdro1_500Alright so this is definitely a budget assortment judging by the size of the boxes, one we’ll probably find at Kmarts and Big Lots stores (always check your local Big Lots if you have one because they usually have the budget dolls for super cheap! I got Dead Tired Spectra and Robecca Steam for $12 a pop which ain’t too shabby!)

*SIGH* Frankie. Again. Go AWAY. (Yes, I’m aware that my hatred of her is completely irrational and petty and I don’t caaaaaare!) So, ignoring her completely, we have Abbey Bominable, so that is an automatic get for me. And then another new Toralei! Hey! I’m liking more Toralei in the wild, so that’s good. And I’m completely digging her longer hair and her adorable houndstooth skirt!

So, in this set of three there’s one that will be an automatic get, and one that I will more than likely get.

Sweet Screams Assortment

*whine* Do I gottaaaaaaaa?

tumblr_mugxjq22gV1s4wxuwo3_r1_250 tumblr_mugxjq22gV1s4wxuwo4_r1_250 tumblr_mq53oi7tcA1ra8gmho1_500Sweet Screams. A two doll assortment featuring Frankie Stein and Draculaura.

Nope, nope, nope…

2bd33ea25491f3413747bb7f0ad5e123…nope nope nope.

Not happening. Not one little bit. I hate them both.

Art Class

Oh my god, guys. This assortment! THIS ASSORTMENT!

tumblr_muh27pPqgn1sd4cwuo2_1280 tumblr_muh27pPqgn1sd4cwuo1_500Abbey. Has. A. CHAINSAW. Her art class specialty is ice sculptures and she has a chainsaw!


I mean, what a great assortment! Ignoring Draculaura completely, we get Abbey (Chainsaw! Eeee!) Robecca Steam and Skelita Calaveras! The little doohickey between Robecca and Skelita is apparently a playset, but the dolls themselves will all be available as singles.

tumblr_mv39atrJxk1ra20x5o1_1280Not sure what sort of assortment this size box means. I’m guessing somewhere between budget and basic, but I won’t know until I see if they come with stands or not. Those art supplies alone are worth it though. I love Skelita’s new face up, and Robecca’s little welding kit is pretty awesome too, but the star of this show is far and away Abbey Bominable with her chainsaw (Eeee!) and ice sculpture (even if the ice sculpture is of Heath Burns. Mrr.)

Those are three definite wants! Mattel, shut up and take my money (as my wallet cries for mercy)!

Jane Boolittle

So she gets her own section cause I have no friggin’ idea where to put her!

0fGJNzkI have no earthly idea on this girl at all! Dunno who she is, but I’m digging the leg brace and cane, and she’s got an interesting look about her for sure! I want to know more, and I’d have to see her in person before I committed to her. Instagrammy pictures with a bazillion filters do not make for telling pictures.

Picnic Casket

*whine* Do I gottaaaaaaa?

tumblr_mugxjq22gV1s4wxuwo2_r1_250Jackson Jekyl and Frankie Stein in a picnic themed two doll set.



Frights, Camera, Action

Okay, now much of this set I am just all over. So I’ll just try and make sure I get everybody!

227581_original10230737645_cc03577ab8_zSo, here’s the basics. We got Lagoona Blue, Draculaura, Clawdeen Wolf and Cleo De Nile.

I believe this is the “Black Carpet” line? Not sure.

I’m all over that Lagoona, and now see… THAT is a Clawdeen! I am living for that!

10230654044_00a997d2ba_zBlack Carpet Operetta will be a Walmart Exclusive and again, I am living for it! Her little pillbox hat! Eeee!

And now, the new characters!

225833_originalAnd now we have the Hauntlywood Assortment as part of Frights, Camera, Action. This is all new characters, starting with Elissabat! I’m guessing, judging by the award, that Elissabat is an actress of some kind. She’s… eh. She looks a bit too much like Draculaura for my liking, but that might just be the lighting at NYCC for all I know. I just don’t know if I’m feeling her. I’m not going to go on a frothing raging fit like I’ve seen on Tumblr, just going to wait and see.

10230874713_39d400fae2_zHoney Swamp! Okay, I’m all over this pretty girl. With her gorgeous curly hair and her eyes and her cute little camera and clapperboard. Oh yes, she’ll be coming home for sure!

tumblr_mq92narTWX1rzpn7fo1_1280Clawdia Wolf! Yay, a fourth member of the Wolf family! I LOVE HER! I love her dazzling smile and her nifty glasses, and her clothes are really awesome too! Yep, she’ll be coming home too!

10230751306_8a4eef4444_zAnd finally, Viperine Gorgon, possibily some relation to Deuce. I am living for this! She is serving me up some Jinkx Monsoon realness, hunty! No, seriously, it looks like something Jinkx Monsoon would wear. I love it though! She is DEFINITELY coming home, probably before any of the others.

So that’s everything that I’ve managed to spot so far! There weren’t any pictures of the Secret Creepers/Secret Critters line but I’m not much interested in that anyway. We’ve got a pretty good array of stuff coming to us!

Remember that the two toy seasons are Spring and Fall. Spring tends to run October to March, and Fall is April through September, and plan accordingly! Good luck in the hunt and hope you enjoyed my thoughts on it all!

4 thoughts on “New Monster High Thoughts

  1. Oh there are some exciting releases coming out…my only hope is that they’ll trickle South a little better than they have been. I don’t get how Mattel can throw 400 Draculauras at us but only like…four guys. Starting to think that Monster High is a haunted Amazonian encampment or something!

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  3. Hehehe…you see, the problem is that The Toy Box Philosopher has made an AMAZING review or the Sweet Screams Frankie, and now I just LOVE her. But overall, I agree with you. Most Draculauras and Frankies are quite uninteresting. This is especially true with the basic ones. Aaaaaaaaaand…please don’t kill me, but I have gotten the occasion to get a close look at Elissabat…and I like her a lot! I mean, even though she’s Draculaura’s childhood friend, she has a great dress, sweet hair and rockin’ boots. I think she could be a good friend for your Spectras!

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