I apparently ruffled some feathers with my review post.

Oh well. Took it down just the same though, cause some of y’all really got nasty, and quite frankly? This is my blog and I ain’t have to put up with that.

My blog is not Tumblr, where you can reblog shit and be as nasty as you want to be. And some of y’all? Were really, really nasty. I’ve had a long couple of workdays and so… screw it. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Anyway, that’s all there is to say. I have a post in the works, and I am, provided I get out of work at a halfway decent time, swinging by Target on the way home because I want pizza, and if it is still there I am getting the Apple White Fainting Couch, because a picture of Equestria Girls Rarity reenacting the fainting couch scene from the episode “Lesson Zero” needs to happen. Also, I’d just like to have a couch for doll posing purposes. I got one at TJ Maxx once but it was way too small.

EDIT: Post has been put back up with comments disabled. If you can’t handle someone having their own opinion on their own blog, then this is not the blog for you. This also does not mean that you need to go to other posts and try and get out what you want to say. Your comments will be gleefully deleted.

BROTHER OF EDIT: Also, there was no fainting couch! So, no pictures today.

24 thoughts on “Wow…

  1. Oh, hun, sorry about that! I read and enjoyed your post, but my connection blew before I had a chance to comment. Why can’t you have peace and quiet on your own blog? You should have deleted and disabled the comments, though you probably know better. I don’t know what they wrote there but come on, that’s just mean to drive a person to delete their work. Hugs! Love Honey’s hair btw.

    • See, that’s the thing, I do know better. If they couldn’t comment that one, they’d go to any other post and that’d be that. And I can’t figure out how to disable comments iether. So. Whatevs. I get I’m a polarizing person but some of these comments were super outta line, it was sad. Thanks hun. ❤

      • It’s really sad that a bunch of idiots are killing your fire. What I loved most about your blog is how opinionated you are, even if I sometimes disagree. People should learn how to do that politely or close the page and move on.

      • Ah, I’ll be back to the usual snarky self I’m sure. This is just a baaaaad week for me to put up with trolls and assholes. I mentioned in the review that a machine at work went down. Took us two days to get caught up, yesterday and today. I’m wore out. (And yet still up. IDEK.)

  2. So I READ the other entry and I am SO freaking confused. Maybe I’m just ignorant but I don’t see how being pro-fro is bad.

    Now to the comment I would’ve left there if you hadn’t had to baby-proof it: I WANT THAT DOLL! I haven’t seen any of the new lines yet, but your review makes me want her SO BAD. Her hair is as awesome as the fro’ed Moxie Teenz wig (which looks AMAZING on the black/white make-a-witch Bratzilla). You’re getting to be as bad as the Toybox Philosopher in making me want things.

  3. Hey AJ
    I’m really sorry that people were so nasty to you. I hate when people do that. I see nothing wrong with your post. It was perfectly fine, and I like your blog.

    And thank you. NOW I have the freaking dance mix of the “Ain’t nobody got time for that” quote stuck in my head.

    *Leaves candy of your choice* Please keep posting your opinions? Some of us like reading them.


  4. Hello, I stumbled upon your review of Honey Swamp because I would really, really, really like to have her. I do hope she (And Clawdia Wolf) will reach our toyshops in a few months or so. To me Honey is my absolute favourite MH doll so far and I love her colour scheme, face and HER HAIR. I think she’s just absolutely beautiful. And that hair…love it. And now I’m going to read your other reviews… 🙂

      • Read the blog and l like it, definitely enjoy your strong opinions although I don’t necessarily agree But I do agree on the main things. And as far as taste is concerned, we can’t aways like the same things or colours. It would be a very dull world if we did. Hope to read lots more. Great doll area / shelves by the way, very neat and tidy.

      • Thanks Linda! I really do appreciate it. I don’t expect everyone will agree with me all the time, kinda the wonderful thing about humans.

  5. Aw, I hope I didn’t say anything to offend you. I did say a curse word…my Mom said the same word when I told her about the doll hair problems. I’m sorry.

  6. De-lurking (sorry, I get the shys from time to time!) to say that I saw nothing wrong with the review, save for the fact that you perhaps didn’t specify “of color” to mean “Black” enough, and people get to using them interchangeably (as a WOC, specifically Black, I loathe when people try to use “colored people” still because “OMG YOU PEOPLE USE PERSON OF COLOR WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE!”) which they shouldn’t. But this is a pretty minor thing and it’s still clear what you meant.

    But call me crazy, something tells me the comments (which I didn’t see) were not skewing in that direction. ::sigh:: I’ve had it up to HERE with people defending their own racist nonsense. I don’t want you to have to relive any troll wankery, but I’m guessing this was a repeat or similar of the situation when Neth posted about the latest white DOTY. Racists sure love to edge around fandoms that include a lot of children I’ve noticed (::cough FROZEN cough::) which makes me so sad. Ugh.
    I totally agree with all your points in the post, btw, even if I’m not a big MH collector. There are so ridiculously few dolls with Black hair and we finally get one and whoops! Time to whiten her up. smdh

    My rantings aside, I love your blog and am sorry to have to delurk under these circumstances. Let’s hope people are more civil from now on and racists learn to STFU period!

    • Thank you so much, L.M! I don’t mind the shys, I get them sometimes myself! And thank you for your sweet comments. In the middle of a long day at work, they made me smile.

      Lets just say the comments were… special. A lot of “It is you who are the racisms!” types of things, trollish types of comments. And the ever popular “I have [ethnicity] friends!”

      Oh my god, Frozen. That fandom is the worst. I haven’t seen the movie yet because I really, really can’t stand Idina Menzel, and sitting through two hours of hearing her voice would quite possibly be the end of me (the Broadway lover police are coming to take my fangirl card as we speak, I’m sure of it), but at this point, the Tumblr fandom for the movie is making me give it an even wider berth.

      Don’t be a stranger!

  7. I have no idea what this is all about, but I’m glad I don’t. Isn’t the internet just great? It really brings out the best in people…and, yes, I liked Frozen. Not that it’s of any importance… Anyway, as it’s almost Christmas, ‘peace on earth’ would probably be too much to ask for. Enjoy the holidays.

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