Quick review and random picts!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Giftmas and New Year! Mine was pretty… well. It was boring. But over the next few days, I’m gonna try and get pictures taken during the day of some of my gets, both from family and friends and via an Amazon giftcard or two. 🙂

One of the things I found on Amazon and marked down to boot was the Frights, Camera, Action Hauntlywood Viperine Gorgon doll, who is way, way more precious than her stock photos would let you believe! I’m not going to do a full review, because I had to take my dog to the vet this morning and I’m just wiped out from that and have been all day. But I did take a few pictures. And then I took some pictures of some other stuff. And then tomorrow I’ll take more pictures of some other stuff.

I should hopefully be having a guest review here sometime soon too, so there’s that. And maybe a giveaway in the upcoming months, depending on funds and all. And Neth and I have a fun surprise for all us grownups who don’t need hand-holding very, very soon too!

So anyway, lets go under the jump.

Viperine Gorgon, Daughter of Stheno.

Viperine Gorgon, Daughter of Stheno.

And here she is, Viperine Gorgon! Okay, I still maintain that of the four new Ghouls we got for Frights, Camera, Action, Honey Swamp is the prettiest, but Viperine is far and away the cutest. Lets put it this way… my mom usually just goes “Oh… cute,” when I show her a new Monster High get. She gasped when she saw Viperine, and all but squealed and said how cute she thought she was. I’m inclined to agree! She really is cute. And she’s so girly! Which to me is never a bad thing.

Viperine is the 17-year-old daughter of Stheno, who is the oldest of the three Gorgon sisters, in order they were Stheno, Euryale and Medusa, and was turned to a Gorgon along with her sisters. It is said that Stheno was the most ferocious of the sisters, having killed more men than her younger sisters combined. In Viperine’s blurb on the back of her box, she says

Some people are huggers. I’m a biter. I just can’t help myself – it’s the way I show affection. I try to remember to just shake hands, but sometimes I forget.

Hee! She just gets more adorable! Also mentioned in her diary is that Deuce Gorgon is her cousin, and that they share a love of sunglasses, though Viperine just likes hers for fashion, because she and her mother, unlike Deuce and Medusa, can’t turn people into stone. She is from “Barcelgroana.”

So anyway, I’m not really going to do a whole review, I just don’t think I have the spoons, and I didn’t take a lot of pictures because I was starting to get sleepy. I took some pictures of my favorite parts of her, anyway!

Viperine's snakes

Viperine’s snakes

Viperine’s snakes are attacked to a similarly-colored band of vinyl that is then stuck into her head. If the ones on the ends are any indication, I would say that there are likely holes drilled in the back of her head and then the band is attached snugly. It makes for a nice effect, I like it much better this way than if they had just stuck random big holes in her scalp.

In her diary, Viperine’s vipers help her clean up when she’s on set (she’s a makeup artist), so when she finishes one job, she can flomp down and the snakes clean up. Cute!

Viperine's dress

Viperine’s dress

One of my favorite parts about Viperine is her dress, which is an incredibly cute linen boho dress. It’s very loose-fitting, and the fabric is black and decorated with pink and blue flowers and snakes. Viperine describes her style as Hippie Boho Chic, and her dress (and headband) reflect that really well.

Viperine's faceup

Viperine’s faceup

I also really love her faceup! And her skin in general, and her hair. But we’ll go with the faceup to start. Surprisingly, for a makeup artist, she’s got very little makeup on, and it’s covered by her sunglasses. Just a simple line of eyeshadow. Her eyes are pink snake-style eyes, and she has pink lips with tiny fangs. I have yet to take her sunglasses off, because I like them so much. She has the same style of diamond pattern on her forehead that Deuce does – they are cousins after all.

Her hair is white-blonde in back, and then she has two pink sausage curls that look adorable when you flip them around so they’re in front. Really, really cute.

And her skin! You really can’t tell in pictures, but her skin has this absolutely gorgeous pearlescent tone to it, it shimmers in the light and it’s really beautiful.



Knees and toes, knees and toes

Knees and toes, knees and toes

Her arms and legs (and belly) all have molded scales, which I love. Here’s where I give some props to Mattel for the sheer amount of detail they’re putting into this line of play dolls. Scales? Different face molds for each character? Pretty and unique fabrics for clothes? Fun details throughout? Yes yes yes!

Oh, ghouuuuul, no.

Ghouuuuul, no.

Viperine got a case of the vapors when she saw my ghouls and quickly set about giving them makeovers. Scaremester Catrine was first on the chair.

viperine008 viperine009 viperine010All in all? She’s precious. And she is just way, way cuter in person than she is in her official pictures. If you’ve been holding off on her because of those pictures, definitely give her an in-person second look.

On the other side of the spectrum, we have Ever After High’s

Blondie Lockes

Blondie Lockes

In retrospect, I should have taken a picture of her cute little dress, but I didn’t. Maybe tomorrow. Anyway! She’s super cute too, I was so happy to find her, I got the last one at Target this afternoon, and I was there much later than I usually am due to being at the vet’s office for a long time.

To segue… Blackkitty asked me about Cupid’s face mold as compared to other Ever After High dolls, she heard that Cupid has a new face mold, so I nabbed a picture of Cupid along with Apple White.

Apple White and C.A. Cupid

Apple White and C.A. Cupid

Hmm. I’m really bad at this, so I can’t really tell. Cupid’s face might be a bit narrower and have more pronounced cheekbones, but y’all be the judge! Let me know what you think!

And now, the picture that needs no introduction.



The inspiration. Oh Rarity.

The inspiration. Oh Rarity.

Come on, that needed to happen.

Art Class Abbey thanks you for your time.

Art Class Abbey thanks you for your time.



Blondie Lockes!



2 thoughts on “Quick review and random picts!

  1. Great “non” review! I just got my anew MH girls yesterday… And they’re adorable!! I tried, but just can’t get into Ever After High… The girls all have the same, or way too similar face molds. I’m not sure why, when they put so much amazing effort into MH, they don’t do the same for the others!!!

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