We’ve expanded!

Alright y’all. Posts around here are going to remain fairly sporadic at best. I do apologize for that, but between work issues, personal issues (love me, love my issues), various modly duties here and there around the internets, and trying to have some sort of life (which I’m failing miserably at, given the aforementioned issues), I just don’t have much time. So, if you hang with me, I’ll still be around and hopefully I can start posting again with some kind of regularity.

The big news around here is that we have expanded again! I say again with a caveat.

See, I bought that Adora Wicked Witch of the West doll and I love her! I think she’s gorgeous! I just… can’t make her fit into my gang. She’s so hard to buy clothes for given her difference in size to an AG doll (she’s considerably skinnier and shorter), and because her coloring means that there are a whole hell of a lot of things that just do not look good on her. I still love her, and she is still considered part of my gang, but the story is that she is off at school. You’ll still see her sometimes, but there’s other things to see for right now.

Right around the beginning of March, it became pretty clear to anyone with two eyes and a brain that the end was nigh for Cécile Rey and Marie-Grace Gardner in the American Girl Historical line. A good chunk of their collection had gone up in the sale section, and in the last catalog I had gotten, they weren’t listed. More and more things, leaks from Taobao, certain blogs trying to tout “insider knowledge,” were all pointing to the fact that the NOLA girls were going away.

While I was shopping for The Doll Who Would Become Eden, I briefly entertained the idea of getting a Marie-Grace doll because I so very much love that facemold,  but didn’t, because her price was jacked up so much on Amazon that it was ridiculous. So I ended up getting Eden.

I couldn’t get Marie-Grace out of my head though. And I used every reason I could think of to not get her. “I don’t have room for a historical” was the chief reason. And yeah, gonna admit it, there was a little wibbling that I’ve been a major proponent of Dolly Diversity in AG Collections (and I walk the walk as well as I talk the talk with my Chicana girl, my Native girl and hell, my Green girl [who was black before she was green]), and here I was, wanting to buy a white girl. What do? And then, while I was searching Ebay for things, I found a Marie-Grace with her hair straightened.

GAME. CHANGED. After having my fears assuaged by Neth that I wasn’t a huge farking hypocrite, I decided that come hell or high, Marie-Grace would come here and be turned moddie.

On Easter Sunday, we had a family dinner where all us kids (me, my sister and my brother-in-law) got “Easter Baskets.” Some candy, and something else we would like, stuff like that. Mine was some Jelly Bellies (yum!), a chocolate bunny and a little glass box shaped like a bunny that inside had $20 in. This was for the “Marie-Grace fund,” I was told. Excitedly, I put away some money from each of my next two paychecks until I had enough to get her and a dress just for her. I was excited!

I ordered her on Friday, May 9th, and she arrived exactly a week later. Amusingly, all of my American Girls have arrived on Fridays. Clearly, fate wants me to have weekends filled with dolly love. Hee!

All will be revealed, friends...

All will be revealed, friends…

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