REVIEW: Monster High “Casta Fierce”

Sometimes, one has to do what one has to do.

And that is how I was able to bring you this review today.

So, I went to Walmart this morning, as you do. Checked out the toy aisle, as you do. There wasn’t what I was actually looking for, but there was a cart with two boxes in it waiting to be stocked. One was Barbie stuffs I was just simply not interested in, and the other contained Monster High Casta Fierce dolls. After meandering around pointedly for about five minutes, waiting for a worker, I did what any reasonable person would do.

I sliced the box open myself and pulled a doll out and bought it after checking her for screening errors.

*whistles innocently*


Originally this review was going to be on the Wolf Family Four Pack of dolls (The actual name of which escapes me right now. A Pack of Trouble? I don’t remember.) But that set kind of irrationally pissed me off, so I opted to go with this one instead.

So anyway, come under the jump and meet Casta Fierce!


Casta Fierce is the 19-year-old daughter of Circe. Circe, in Greek mythology, was a witch of Aeaea and the Goddess of Magic, and by most accounts is the daughter of Helios, the god of the sun. Casta herself likes buckles and straps, and the colors black and purple and lots of glitter. She’s a popstar who uses her spells to create “spellcial effects” and flyrotechnics in her concerts, she is BFFs with Catty Noir and Operetta, and her band plays a concert once a year on All Hallows Eve. As the canon goes, “this year” the concert is being held at Monster High.

So lets get this show on the road!

This was actually the first one I pulled out the box at Walmart, and so I got really lucky as I was trying to book it out of there. I must say, I do very much love the artwork on the box. Casta looks like someone I’d get along with!

See? She’s pretty fab! I like her! I don’t know who did the artwork for her, but I’m wondering if it’s the same girl who did the Sweet Screams artwork, because that was wonderful! No matter what though, kudos to this artist for really capturing Casta’s vibrant personality.

And here’s the back of the box, and more pretty artwork.

See? Gahdam. There is not a thing about this so far that I dislike.

We’re gonna skip the box opening here because really, if you’ve opened one Monster High box, you’ve opened them all.

Casta out of box

Casta out of box

And here she is out of her box! Her mermaid style dress is made of a very stiff material that I can’t identify, and then dyed in an orange-to-glittery-purple ombre-ish pattern. It comes down to a glittery tulle skirt at the bottom. Amazingly enough, she does not drop glitter all over the place! I’m amazed and I do not know what to say! Yay Mattel! Do the thing and do it right!

Better look at the dress

Better look at the dress

The top part there under the little vinyl cage at her shoulders, is a separate piece made of pleather with poofy tulle shoulders.

Sasha Fierce

Sasha Fierce

Now, here’s something I just love about this doll. One thing I don’t make much mention of on this blog is that I absolutely adore Beyoncé. I mean really, who doesn’t. Hell of a woman, kicking ass and taking names all over the place? Fuck yes. And one thing that I love about this doll is that the name, Casta Fierce, is so very clearly a take-off of Sasha Fierce, Beyoncé’s onstage alter ego. And you can see the touches of Beyoncé all over this doll. Right down to the same hairdo that she wore in the utterly iconic “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)” video.

♫ If you like it then you shoulda put a charm on it ♫

So yeah. There’s a lot of reasons I love this doll.

Hurr, she got hurr.

Hurr, she got hurr.

Casta has very long black hair, with stripes of purple and orange on her half ponytail. It’s very silky, but tangles pretty easily and when I gave her an initial brushout quite a few hairs came out. Not that you can tell.

Her ears are pointed! Gah, how much do I love this! She’s got silver studded earrings in her pointed ears!

Gives good face

Gives good face

She’s also got a very pretty face up, with very dark eyebrows to match her hair, a painted on gold tear under one eye, and a birthmark on the left above her lips. Her eyes are rimmed in purple and gold eyeshadow and really, her faceup is just perfect. I lucked out.



Her eyes are really striking, they’re purple, and then they have a jagged gold “sun” pattern going around the purple. They’re really gorgeous.

So then I stripped her nekkid. But I forgot to take a picture of her dress.


The cage is made of a very flexible vinyl and fastens in four places around her, two on her chest and a cuff around each arm.


And here’s her… whatever you want to call it. Somehow I managed to get it upside down – it’s seriously kind of confusing – but you get the basic gist, and I described it earlier in this post.


And her boots! I love her boots so much! They’re purple and have studs and buckles and I would wear the shit out of these boots.


Her broom – because stereotyping! – also doubles as her microphone stand, and has a bit of a Steven Tyler thing going on with the fabric bits wrapped around it, the orange ones also have her trademark buckles.

She also came with a diary, but it’s not a diary. I think it’s a Playbill for her concert, and it’s pretty cool.

Alright, here we go, naked doll time.


Right away I noticed that Casta is pretty thick. Which I loved a lot. I couldn’t figure out though if she was like Clawdia, with the entire Big Sister body, or if she was like Gigi Grant, with normal legs but the curvier torso. Or if she was new all around.

I decided to do some comparisons.

With her BFF Catty Noir.

With her BFF Catty Noir.

Well, that would be a “yes” on the big sister mold then, for sure.

With Clawdia.

With Clawdia.

Clawdia’s my only big sister mold doll, so she gets to carry this banner. I think they’re identical in the torso, but I’ll have to do some further research on this when I’m not so tired. Part of me wants to say that Casta is thicker all around, just because I would like that, but I don’t want to be misleading either.

I got Casta and Catty back into their clothes and when you put two rockstar dolls together, music ensues.

♫ We woke up like this ♫

♫ We woke up like this ♫

♫ Flawless ♫

♫ Flawless ♫

Sho’ nuff, babies.

Bottom line? I think that Casta Fierce is my favorite Monster High doll in a long, long time. I’m just enamored of her and I keep playing with her. Her being a tribute to one of my favorite performers, encouraging a body positivity, a fun and funky look, and a musician? I will take ALL the Castas if no one else wants them. I really hope she’s not a one-time doll, because I really do want to see her again.

Have a few more pictures.

Recreating an iconic pose.

Recreating an iconic pose.

Okay, so I got my doll's hand backwards. Oh well.

Okay, so I got my doll’s hand backwards. Oh well.



When you see her, get her, y’all. She’s a beautiful addition to any collector’s shelf.

Thank you, Wembley, and goodnight! *guitar chord*

Thank you, Wembley, and goodnight! *guitar chord*

11 thoughts on “REVIEW: Monster High “Casta Fierce”

  1. She’s a nice-looking one! I like how bright the oranges are in both her outfit and hair. And the in-box pose is an interesting thing to see as well.

    I’m curious to hear more about what was wrong with that Pack of Trouble 4-pack; I’d been looking forward to that one, but maybe I should brace for disappointment?

    • My problem isn’t with the dolls, they’re all adorable. But, and this is petty and I know it, there’s no stands. Which ordinarily doesn’t bother me, but in this case, there’s a boy doll. Up until getting this set I’ve had two Monster High boy dolls that I display: Neighthan Rot and InvisiBilly. They both use their stands. And so Clawd doesn’t stand. So trying to pose the Wolf Family together was an exercise in Clawdia toppling and taking Clawd with her, and then the both of them taking Clawdeen and Howleen, who were sitting, out with them. In frustration Howleen ended up chucked into the hallway. I get that they can’t include stands in these 4-packs and that’s fine, but considering boy dolls are pretty hard to come by, I think they could have at least included one for Clawd.

      • Do you need MH doll stands? I have ZERO use for the things, so I’d be happy to send you whichever ones I have kicking around!

        …although judging from the ones I just found, I seem to be missing a couple of parts. ^^ There’s two intact black ones, plus a black one and a reddish one missing their bases (they’ll probably turn up…). I’m sure I have more than that somewhere around this disaster area I call a room, too!

  2. Wow, she’s gorgeous! But I read another review of her by flyingpurplemonkfish, where she says that casta’s dress is ill fitting and her stand does not fit- is this the same for your doll? Or did her copy just have an unfortunate mistake?

  3. I have a Casta now, too, and I’m so happy to finally have a witch doll–and on the big-sister body too!

    One question, though. My Casta seems to have a very bad case of glue leakage in her hair. Was this a problem with yours too?

  4. Hi! I’ve discovered your website today and I LOVE it! Keep it up!
    Casta is great as a character, but she’s a bit too much of a “display” doll for me. Love her anyway and great review!

  5. I just unboxed my Casta today, & she’s lovely, but her dress is definitely far too tight (it barely does up) & the stand doesn’t fit. She has that thing going on that annoys me in MH dolls – the clothes aren’t thought out from a mobility point of view. All those beautiful, movable joints, but her legs are hobbled by the skirt & her arms by that bondage/cage contraption. The clothes always look wonderful. But hey, let the poor critters breathe!

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