Mumbled Snark: If You Want to Sell Stuff, Why Can’t I Tell What it Is?

An outfit I recently bought, though not on my doll.

An outfit I recently bought, though not on my doll.

Lately, I’ve been cruising Etsy for outfits. Because Eden is somewhat awkwardly sized compared to an American Girl – she’s a bit skinnier and a bit shorter than your average American Girl doll and so I try to find clothes that will fit and look good given her unique coloring. And sometimes I just buy things for Mari and Elyse because they deserve them too. And besides seeing a whole lot of GeneriDresses and pillowcase dresses and a bunch of horrible Native woo woo shit, I’m seeing a whole lot of really, really bad pictures. And there’s a few reasons that these pictures are bad and why these are things that just should not be done.

Lets talk about them, shall we?

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My Favorite Things: Handmades!

Time for a new series here at the Snarker! My Favorite Things will just be me going around and finding 5-10 of my favorite things from any given thing I have a collection of, taking pictures of them and talking a little bit about why I like them so much.

This was born out of the idea that I have a lot of stuff, but yet I don’t really have a place to gather it all up into one cohesive mess and take a picture of it, so how about I just pick and choose? Some ideas I’ve scribbled down for this are:

– Favorite dolls that aren’t Monster High
– Favorite Monster High dolls that aren’t Abbey
– Favorite Abbey Bominable dolls
– Favorite ponies (by generation)
– Favorite official American Girl Outfits
– Favorite off-brand 18″ doll outfits
– And on and on.

And today’s thrilling episode?

Handmade American Girl Clothes!

I have a lot of handmade clothes. My aunt got surprisingly giddy and excited when I was given Mari, and went Etsy shopping. In addition to that, my having American Girl dolls seems to have awaken the seamstress within my mother and she’s made several things for my girls. And I’m an Etsy shopper as well, so I have a lot here to choose from! So, I chose six, three for each of my dolls. Pictures under the jump are in no particular order.

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