REVIEW: BFC, Ink “Summer Splashin'” Kaitlin

Well, bugger. Unfortunately, room pics can’t happen because the paint on the last shelf isn’t dry yet. Yay for humid Tennessee summer days? Anyway, until that paint dries, I don’t want to put dolls on that shelf and possibly have paint come off on their shoes.

But… I didn’t want to let today go by without a post and it so happens I do have something.

Having finally gotten my car back after a week and a half of not driving it (timing chain going bad means OH GODS DON’T DRIVE YOUR CAR YOU DUMB BROAD!), I ventured out this morning to return something to Target and have a looksie around.  I’m trying to find the old Our Generation futon style bed so that my AG girls have something to sit on – poor little things are getting quite tired of standing all the time – but my Target seems to have gotten rid of them in favor of the newer canopy bed, which will not fit in the place I need it to. Our Hobby Lobby (yes, I know, they’re a terrible company in a lot of ways, but they’re the best craft store going in my town) is in the same strip mall as a TJ Maxx and a Ross: Dress for Less, and I decided to pop into those stores to see if that’s where old Our Generation stuff goes to die. (We know it doesn’t go to heaven where the eagles fly.)

Unfortunately, I had no luck locating that bed, but in TJ Maxx, I did chance upon something else.

A BFC, Ink doll marked down to $14.99.

When BFC, Ink was popular I wasn’t yet back into doll collecting the way I am now, so they very obviously didn’t ping my radar at the time, and a few searches when I got home proved to me that I got a pretty good deal on her now that they’re discontinued. (This is the doll I got as found on Amazon.) She was quite cute, and the price was right for my limited budget, so I snapped her up.

(Much to the chagrin of a little girl who had apparently wanted her and her mother said no, and the little girl cried when she saw me carrying her to the checkout. My bad kid.)

So lets have a look at BFC, Ink Kaitlin!

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