Pajama Party with the AGDiK!

… and then some other random gets.

So, it became abundantly clear to me that the American Girl Duo in Kingsport needed some PJs. It’s quickly getting very, very cold here in the mountains, I’ve officially had to put my vellux blanket under my comforter to keep warm in my house with no insulation at night – along with the canine heating pad that comes in the form of my very large furry dog – and last night the 30 mph winds dropped a carpet of leaves on my front lawn.

So I bit down last week and bought some jimjams for the girls. And some other stuff for them. And for me. Over the last few weeks. *cough* Not a review, yet, but if anyone is interested in a review of anything pictured in this post, by all means leave a comment and if you can stand a review without a total deboxening, I will provide!

We begin...

We begin…

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Create-A-Monster Appreciation Post

One of the things that I think Mattel has done really, really right is the Create-A-Monster line. Not only does it feed into the imaginative play aspect of things for children (and adults!) but it gives people of all ages a chance to bring their own original characters to life, without having to try and customize the dolls already in existence, which if you’re not inclined towards painting or sewing or sculpting, is a plus.

It’s just fun!

So, of the handful of Create-A-Monster dolls I have, here are some of my favorites, and if I’ve figured them out yet, the stories behind the ghouls.

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