So, I’m a 30-something toy collector with a lot of opinions. My friends are getting tired of me (;)) so I’m doing what any reasonable person would do: inflicting them on the world! Mua-ha-ha.

So, that’ll be here then.

I’ve been collecting My Little Pony toys since I was 8. I had hundreds. I’m slowly working my way back up to having more. We’ll get there. I have several G1s now, several G3s, and just about the entire collection of G4s (including fashion styles), save for a few stragglers that I can’t find yet.

My other big love is Monster High, which has really built up my love of fashion dolls in general. With a caveat: I must be able to jack their clothes for my Monster High girls. Heh. I don’t tend to collect spendy dolls like Tonners or BJDs because they’re too expensive for my pocketbook, but I can usually get a Monster High if I’m lucky with my paycheck.

So anyway, this is me. And that’s what you’ll find here. Thoughts on dolls, thoughts on ponies, excitement over announced things, and opinions with a healthy dose of snark. Because I have them. Both of them. Opinions and snark.

A few rules!

– Don’t be a dick.
– Don’t be -phobic. No racist, homophobic, sexist,  cissexist, transphobic, ableist, sizeist, violent rhetoric or bigoted speech allowed here. Seriously. Take it elsewhere or find yourself banned.
– This includes using that name when referring to a particular pony. She is Bubblecup or The Grey Lady here. Take it or leave it.
– No fighting in the comments, if I’m lucky enough to get them.
– Just to repeat: DON’T BE A DICK.

Welcome around, y’all!