REVIEW: Papasan and Swingasan Cell Phone Holders from Pier 1 as Doll Furniture

I can already hear you all going “WHAT? Where’s the dolls! Why are you reviewing cell phone holders? AJ, DID YOU SELL OUT ON US!”

Hush now, quiet now, it’s time to lay your sleepy head. Of course I didn’t! Just let me explain before we get this show on the road.

So, I was perusing Tumblr, as you do – I am very rarely not on Tumblr when I am home – and  a friend of mine reblogged a post where someone had gotten this nifty swinging what-looked-like wicker chair and that it made great seating for dolls! Seeing that it was available at Pier 1, and after checking that yes, Virginia, we do have a Pier 1 here in my town, I decided to go pick one up.

Lets just remember that I am not so much with the ~decorating~ and shit, so just imagine the look on my face when I walked in there, completely and totally baffled as to what I was looking for and where it would be. Thankfully, I was able to explain to the nice woman who saw the confused girl walk in and look lost, and she helped me find what I wanted.

Turned out, they had two styles, the swingy chair (Swingasan), and then a cushy chair (Papasan). I went for the swingy chair first, since that was what I first saw, but then I decided to go back this past Saturday and get the other, because while the chair is lovely, there were some issues with some dolls and I thought having the other one would be a good thing. So lets get this show on the road, shall we?

A couple of notes before we get going! This is a seriously image intensive post. I apologize but there was a lot to cover. Also, you’ll notice some pictures were clearly taken in another area, that was before I got the Papasan, and rather than retake a bunch of pictures, I’ve just worked them into the post. I am lazy.

The Papasan and Swingasan Phone Holders from Pier 1

The Papasan and Swingasan Phone Holders from Pier 1

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