Adieu. Auf wiedersehen. Gesundheit. Farewell.

I’ve decided to get out of the doll review game. There are so many people nowadays doing it better, and with better pictures. And when you add in that I am very, very busy with work these days, I just don’t have the time to set up to take a lot of review pictures.

That said, I’m not getting out of the bloggy game altogether! I’ve decided to shift my focus to solely American Girl blogging, and thusly I have made myself a new blog at that if you are interested in commentary, short reviews and my usual colorful opinions and thoughts on the company and the fandom.

So, this is me bidding this blog – and all my readers! – a very fond farewell! You’ve all been wonderful, and I hope to see you at my new home.

– AJ

So sorry!

My work life has gotten strangely busy and unfun so I’ve not had a lot of time – or want, frankly – to post about dolls!

ooh, but honey there’s been some additions around here! I’m gonna try to break this all up into a few posts over the next few days, so just bear with me and I’ll be back!

REVIEW: Ever After High Basic C.A. Cupid

Hope everyone had a wonderful Giftmas! We had a good one over here, me and the family!

So, Cupid arrived. This is a good thing and obviously, you’re going to see her! But, I hate to inform you that until I get paid again, this will probably be the last review for awhile. While editing my pictures today, I discovered that there’s no way around it anymore. I need a tripod that’s tall enough to photograph the area I need it to, and I need to find a way to jerry-rig a light somewhere on there. My shaky hands are just no good for non-flash pictures, and if I’m going to be taking pictures after I get home at night, then that’s a problem too, because it’s dark outside and that’s not a great thing. So… you’ll get some opinion pieces until then, should the mood strike me to do so, and maybe a giveaway if I can find some swag to give out, and then when I get my tripod sitch worked out, then we’ll get back to reviews.

Anyway, the nice thing of having done so many Monster High and Ever After High reviews – and being one of many, many people who does them! – is that I don’t have to fuss too much about the packaging, though there will be some pictures of them just the same. So, lets go meet C.A. Cupid! Again.

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I apparently ruffled some feathers with my review post.

Oh well. Took it down just the same though, cause some of y’all really got nasty, and quite frankly? This is my blog and I ain’t have to put up with that.

My blog is not Tumblr, where you can reblog shit and be as nasty as you want to be.¬†And some of y’all? Were really, really nasty. I’ve had a long couple of workdays and so… screw it. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Anyway, that’s all there is to say. I have a post in the works, and I am, provided I get out of work at a halfway decent time, swinging by Target on the way home because I want pizza, and if it is still there I am getting the Apple White Fainting Couch, because a picture of Equestria Girls Rarity reenacting the fainting couch scene from the episode “Lesson Zero” needs to happen. Also, I’d just like to have a couch for doll posing purposes. I got one at TJ Maxx once but it was way too small.

EDIT: Post has been put back up with comments disabled. If you can’t handle someone having their own opinion on their own blog, then this is not the blog for you. This also does not mean that you need to go to other posts and try and get out what you want to say. Your comments will be gleefully deleted.

BROTHER OF EDIT: Also, there was no fainting couch! So, no pictures today.

Happy belated!

Hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving, a safe and calm Black Friday and a relaxing rest of the weekend! Thank you to everyone who follows me and who reads, I really appreciate it!

(Will be back soon with a review as soon as I find something to review!)

I’m blue, da ba dee dabba di

Internets, I have a problem.

It’s a First World Problem, but it’s a problem.

I… am addicted to blue toys.


Mari Campbell, dressed in blue for the occassion and all the rest of the blue toys currently in my possession. (That's only two of the 14 Abbey Bominable dolls I have. Jesus christ...)

Mari Campbell, dressed in blue for the occassion and all the rest of the blue toys currently in my possession. (That’s only two of the 14 Abbey Bominable dolls I have. Jesus christ…)

I didn’t mean for it to get this way! It just happened! >sob<

So… yeah.

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not forgotten!

I swear I have not forgotten this blog and I will return to posting. I have some things I want to post about, but no time to get a cohesive post together.