REVIEW: Monster High’s “Frights, Camera, Action: Hauntlywood” Clawdia Wolf

I’ve reiterated a few times on this blog how much I was looking forward to the Frights, Camera, Action line that was soon to be coming from Mattel, and especially the new characters. I writhed with jealousy everytime I saw a picture on Tumblr of one of the new girls, and checked my stores faithfully to make sure I wasn’t missing them.

I had about given up hope. My Target remains utterly picked clean of dolls (save for one random find I couldn’t believe this morning, but we’ll get to that after this review.)

One of my local Walmart stores had nothing either. Nothing at all. I was upset! I very nearly grabbed a Gigi Grant off the shelf even though I had no desire for the character so I’d least have something to write about. A stronger head prevailed though. “Go to the mall, it’s right on the way home,” it said. “There’s a Justice there.”

Wellllll, for reasons that I will, again, expound on after this review, I did suddenly badly want the Swim Line Rochelle Goyle that was a Justice exclusive…

So, I put Gigi back on the shelf, grabbed up my wrapping paper and giftbags for Giftmas work happies, hightailed it through the self-checkout and headed up the street to the mall.

And when I got there, I hit dollie paydirt.

I’d hoped for maybe a Blondie Locks or a Cerise Hood, but they were not forthcoming. The Monster High shelves though… they had an embarrassment of riches.

I got my first good look at Elissabat, said “MEH!” and put her back on the shelf. And then… there she was.

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