REVIEW: Equestria Girls “Pinkie Pie’s Boutique” Pinkie Pie, by Hasbro.

It’s that time of year where we send boxes of wrapped boxes to and fro across the country to our loved ones. For me this includes, as my mother would say, “my friends who live in the internet” but to me, these friends are as real and true as if they lived here where I live.

Nethilia and I don’t make any sort of attempt to hide that we are very close friends. We mention each other on our blogs, and I think Emily over at Toy Box Philosopher has gotten pretty used to the fact that if Nethilia is there, AJ is soon to follow, or vice versa. We talk daily, sharing dolly and pony squee, talking about everything under the sun, and just loving each other as best we can from legit across this big country. To me, she isn’t just a friend who lives in the internet, she is a true friend that I love deeply and can’t imagine my life without.

(And to think if I hadn’t bucked up my courage and gotten over a shade of social awkwardness, I wouldn’t have her in my life.)

Yesterday I got a box in the mail from her and it contained an embarrassment of riches. I was told that I could open it whenever I wanted, and so I did, since the slim space to walk past the tree in our house is getting slimmer. One of the things in the box is the doll you’re about to meet, so lets just get to it and meet Pinkie Pie!

The Pinkie Pie's Boutique Line, featuring Equestria Girls Pinkie Pie

The Pinkie Pie’s Boutique Line, featuring Equestria Girls Pinkie Pie

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