Quick review and random picts!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Giftmas and New Year! Mine was pretty… well. It was boring. But over the next few days, I’m gonna try and get pictures taken during the day of some of my gets, both from family and friends and via an Amazon giftcard or two. đŸ™‚

One of the things I found on Amazon and marked down to boot was the Frights, Camera, Action Hauntlywood Viperine Gorgon doll, who is way, way more precious than her stock photos would let you believe! I’m not going to do a full review, because I had to take my dog to the vet this morning and I’m just wiped out from that and have been all day. But I did take a few pictures. And then I took some pictures of some other stuff. And then tomorrow I’ll take more pictures of some other stuff.

I should hopefully be having a guest review here sometime soon too, so there’s that. And maybe a giveaway in the upcoming months, depending on funds and all. And Neth and I have a fun surprise for all us grownups who don’t need hand-holding very, very soon too!

So anyway, lets go under the jump.

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Top Dolls of 2013 (plus one)

I’ve bought more dolls this year than I think I’ve bought in the whole of my life. And they’ve pretty much – with the exception of a few – stuck to a few specific brands. I guess I’m more of a brand loyalist than I thought I was. On the whole, my fashion doll purchases seem to have stuck to Monster High, Ever After High and Equestria Girls. Are we surprised here, people? We shouldn’t be. I’ve ventured out a bit into other brands – Bratzillaz, La Dee Da – but mostly, I’ve stuck to my familiar ones. So, since I won’t be having any new reviews until after Giftmas, probably, I thought maybe I’d do a rundown of my favorites from this year. This basically counts for any doll that I personally bought from January 2013 til this week of December 2013. Bear in mind, some of them may have come out earlier than that and actually came out in late 2012, but if you’re going to quibble semantics, the door is to your left.

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REVIEW: Monster High “Frights, Camera, Action: Hauntlywood” Honey Swamp

What a week it has been! Not long after I finished my Clawdia review last week, my beloved red camera, dubbed Cherry Darling, gave up the ghost. Thankfully, my mother has a camera she never uses, so she gave it to me. I’m still getting used to it – it is not intuitive at all – but I’m getting there.  In addition to work related grumbles, (one of our machines we use for specimen processing gave up the ghost yesterday) it’s been one hell of a week, and so I was glad for the weekend to appear.

I headed to Target, as one does, for a little retail therapy, and I had to make a decision.

Did I want Apple White’s fainting couch? I did, but then I saw what else was there.

And that’s what I got.

So… have a quick review of Honey Swamp! And some ranting.

(And please forgive that my pictures might be a little wonky while I get used to my new-to-me camera)

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REVIEW: Monster High’s “Frights, Camera, Action: Hauntlywood” Clawdia Wolf

I’ve reiterated a few times on this blog how much I was looking forward to the Frights, Camera, Action line that was soon to be coming from Mattel, and especially the new characters. I writhed with jealousy everytime I saw a picture on Tumblr of one of the new girls, and checked my stores faithfully to make sure I wasn’t missing them.

I had about given up hope. My Target remains utterly picked clean of dolls (save for one random find I couldn’t believe this morning, but we’ll get to that after this review.)

One of my local Walmart stores had nothing either. Nothing at all. I was upset! I very nearly grabbed a Gigi Grant off the shelf even though I had no desire for the character so I’d least have something to write about. A stronger head prevailed though. “Go to the mall, it’s right on the way home,” it said. “There’s a Justice there.”

Wellllll, for reasons that I will, again, expound on after this review, I did suddenly badly want the Swim Line Rochelle Goyle that was a Justice exclusive…

So, I put Gigi back on the shelf, grabbed up my wrapping paper and giftbags for Giftmas work happies, hightailed it through the self-checkout and headed up the street to the mall.

And when I got there, I hit dollie paydirt.

I’d hoped for maybe a Blondie Locks or a Cerise Hood, but they were not forthcoming. The Monster High shelves though… they had an embarrassment of riches.

I got my first good look at Elissabat, said “MEH!” and put her back on the shelf. And then… there she was.

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Oh my sweet lord…

Y’all, I hit dollie PAYDIRT today.

Jane Boolittle? Check.
Clawdia Wolf? Check.
Swim Line Rochelle? Check.

Rochelle’s already been opened and put on her shelf with her stonefaced sistren, but now I just have to decide who to review! Or what. I dunno.

I’ll certainly take pictures of her though.

EDIT: So as not to step on Emily’s toes… I will be reviewing Clawdia.

My Favorite Things: Abbey Bominable!

I have mentioned before that my raison d’Ăªtre in Monster High collecting is none other than Abbey Bominable. Apart from my much talked about love of blue toys, there was just something about that blunt but sweet girl that hit me right in the “oh my god, I so identify” place of my brain and heart and she became my Gotta Catch ‘Em All in this never-ending line of dolls based on the children of famous monsters.

So, it makes sense that I would, upon getting most all of the ones that are currently out (I don’t have Art Class yet, because this close to Holiday Shopping Season beginning, I refuse to drive an hour to the nearest Toys R Us), dedicate a My Favorite Things post to her, right?

In case you need a refresher, here’s the sea from which we get to choose.

15 Abbey Bominable dolls.

15 Abbey Bominable dolls.

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Mumbled Snark: On Mattel and the Glut of Dolls.

As much as we as collectors of My Little Pony, Monster High, Ever After High – oh, just pick your poison here people, any one will do – think that we’re an influence on the companies who are creating the toys that we so love, we really shouldn’t want to be. Oh no. No we shouldn’t, y’all.

This all started yesterday, when a picture was posted on Tumblr from someone who had found the Blondie Lockes doll at a Toys R Us in Canada. There was much squeeage about how cute she was, about how much cuter than her prototype picture she was, and basically much flailing of hands about her.

(I can’t disagree with them, she is precious! Definitely coming here!)

But then there started to be a lot of comments about the sheer glut of dolls we’re getting lately. Scaremester dolls are being found. Most all of the Frights Camera Action dolls can be found somewhere, between Justice stores and Amazon. And now Blondie Lockes, with, I’m sure, Cerise Hood and C.A. Cupid soon to follow, has been found in the wild. There are new My Little Pony sets and Equestria Girls dolls and again, just pick your poison. “Do we really need all these dolls?” was asked, several times. “No, we don’t,” was a much repeated answer. There was quite a lot of kvetching about how Mattel isn’t “giving our wallets anytime to recover.”

The very definition of a First World Problem

The very definition of a First World Problem

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More Thoughts on Monster High and Ever After High

Okay, so this was not  the post I intended to open up with today? But, I was in the middle of taking pictures for my actual intended post and my camera batteries crapped out on me. But I have an itch to write and so this is happening first.

More pictures have popped up of things. So, as I do, you get more thoughts and opinions.

So lets go under the jump!

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Pajama Party with the AGDiK!

… and then some other random gets.

So, it became abundantly clear to me that the American Girl Duo in Kingsport needed some PJs. It’s quickly getting very, very cold here in the mountains, I’ve officially had to put my vellux blanket under my comforter to keep warm in my house with no insulation at night – along with the canine heating pad that comes in the form of my very large furry dog – and last night the 30 mph winds dropped a carpet of leaves on my front lawn.

So I bit down last week and bought some jimjams for the girls. And some other stuff for them. And for me. Over the last few weeks. *cough* Not a review, yet, but if anyone is interested in a review of anything pictured in this post, by all means leave a comment and if you can stand a review without a total deboxening, I will provide!

We begin...

We begin…

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