My Little Pony Comparison: A Tale of Two Mintys

I got to talking to beastsbelle (*waves*) over at Never Grow Up in her post about the new Canterlot Castle Collector’s Set 8-pony set (that can apparently be found for a pretty reasonable price at Costco right now!) and I had mentioned that I was probably going to do a compare contrast between the two Minty figures that are now currently in existence, since they are actually quite different. beastsbelle expressed surprise that there was another one – not surprising, because it was two years ago, and she only showed up on Taobao in very limited quantities (save for a few that ended up on ebay because of  greedy scalpers and one person who tried to Buy It Now sell her for A THOUSAND DOLLARS. This is why we can’t have nice things, people.) – and that made me decide that I should do this sooner rather than later!

Add in that this little comic here is basically summing me up today…

And today just seemed like a fine day to do that!

(Also can I just say that it is still weird – and cool! – to be able to say that I was talking to this blogger or that blogger? I thought I’d start this blog and then move on and forget about it like I tend to do, but I’ve stuck with it and now I’m getting over my social awkwardness and actually talking to folks? WHAT IS THIS MADNESS?!)

So, go under the jump for a comparison of two Mintys! Both alike in dignity and… eh.

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REVIEW: My Little Pony Favorites Collection II and Rainbow Dash as a Shadowbolt

I have loved My Little Pony since I was a little girl of six, who got some pocket money from her grandparents and went with her mother to Lewis Drug in Sioux Falls, South Dakota and fell in love with a beautiful pink pegasus with blue hair and lightning bolts on her ass named Firefly. That little pony was my best friend all through my childhood, for real.  I watched Rescue at Midnight Castle more times than was sane. I fell out of pony collecting for a little while, other things began to hold my interest. But with the release of the Friendship is Magic 30-minute-toy-commercial TV show, I fell in love all over again. This being the age of the internet, something that I didn’t have when I was a little girl of six, I have made friends of my own age who love these little plastic horses just as much as I do.

I’ve gotten a weird little complex about these newest ponies though. They are my Pokemon. I GOTTA CATCH ‘EM ALL. Or, as I usually put it: PONY ALL THE THINGS! I’m not so much looking to collect EVERY variant there is but if they interest me, yeah, I’ll get them.  Mostly Playful Pony size ones, like the ones I’m showing here.  Fashion Styles too, mostly. This is why you can see on my shelf that I have an inordinate number of Pinkie Pie’s, since the Pinkie Pie’s Boutique line is made of girlyness and AWESOME and therefore, I love it.

I used to be worse about this, y’all. I used to insist on having the walking poses of each pony as well, but that just got silly and I stopped that. But this new Through the Mirror line is something I’ll definitely have to have, even if I already have Sunset Shimmer and Princess Twilight Sparkle. The only upcoming thing I know I’m skipping is this as-yet-unnamed playset because I already have every pony that’s in it. Yes, including Minty. A compare-contrast of the two Minty figures will come some other time.

So anyway, last week I broke down and ordered the newest Favorites Collection and special, more-expensive single pony from Toys R Us, and they arrived today, so that’s what I’ve got a review for you on!

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