Happy Birthday Mari!

Y’all, one year ago todayyesterday, my beloved Marisol “Mari” Campbell came into my life. So, we had a little shindig for her! Made some mini cupcakes, put some fancy dresses on… it was fun!

Birthday Girl!

Birthday Girl! Ain’t she cute?

Alright, so a party had to be had, right? I mean… duh. Birthday of my favoritest, most-spoiled doll? Of course! Everyone put on their finery…



And then watched the birthday girl open her present…

Mari loves hoodies, so this My Life As... hoodie set is perfect for her!

Mari loves hoodies, so this My Life As… hoodie set is perfect for her!

Wait… I hear you already.


All will be revealed, my friends.

So, my birthday was a few weeks ago, and one of my presents was a large gift card to Amazon from my aunt. The same aunt who made Elyse’s arrival possible. I was poking around on Amazon trying to figure out what, besides a DVD player, I wanted to spend it on. There weren’t any of the newly announced Monster High or Ever After High dolls available yet, so  I decided to look for 18 inch doll stuff. I plugged “18 inch doll” into the search box and after finding the hoodie that is in the picture at the top of this entry, I saw something that made me roll back, point at my screen, and then punch the “Add to Cart” button clean through my desk. I had briefly considered saving my gift card and using a little cash money to get a Marie-Grace doll, but this pretty girl won out.

The doll as I first saw her.

The doll as I first saw her.

She was listed as an Adora Play Doll of The Wicked Witch of the West from The Wizard of Oz (or Wicked if you really want to go that way), and as soon as I saw her, I knew she had to come join my gang.



It was the face that did it for me first. Look at that sweet face! And that wig! Look at that gorgeous wig with the two-tone hair! Gah. I was in love. It was about a week before she got home and was promptly undressed and put into moddie clothes.

Eden Nicole Duarte'

Eden Nicole Duarte’

I’ve named her Eden Nicole Duarte’, she’s an eleven-year-old from Brooklyn, NY. Her story is one combining some elements from The Hulk (lab accident gone wrong is what turned her green) and some Harry Potter (she developed magical abilities upon turning 11 and her parents found her a nice school.) And I think she’s precious.



She’s constructed differently than an American Girl, with a more Karito Kids-esque vinyl breastplate and cloth torso. The major difference is in how she’s strung. I’m not entirely sure how it works, but her parts are all connected, so it’s hard to get a decent pose going sometimes. It also makes her pigeon-toed.


No matter though, because she’s so damn cute!

A fair chunk of that excessive blushing got acetoned off, I do admit. It made her look like she had a rash and that’s just not cute to me.

The other downside?



Her Wicked Witch outfit (which is now living in a spare good-sized AG box?) Completely stained her back and left some little circles around her arms too. No amount of acetone would get it off. Since she’s not going to live in her Wicked Witch outfit except for Halloween, it’s okay.

Mari in the Star Hoodie Outfit, Eden in the Real Me Outfit, Elyse in the True Spirit Outfit

Mari in the Star Hoodie Outfit, Eden in the Real Me Outfit, Elyse in the True Spirit Outfit

I had one Meet Outfit left, since Mari claimed the Star Hoodie Outfit for herself, and Elyse had her True Spirit Outfit. Thankfully, the Real Me Outfit looked like it was tailor made for Eden so it went on her. She’s a little shorter than the AG girls, and a little thinner in the body, but all in all, most clothes fit her. Some shoes fit and some – like the pink shoes that came with the Sweet Spring Dress that are on her in the party pictures – really had to be crammed onto her feet.

Oh! Her feet! I didn’t show you her feet! I also apparently never took a picture of them. Adora feet are wonderfully detailed, right down to little curled toes and just a tidge of paint on her toenails to give them a little shine. I think they’re adorable.

The next order of business was to get her an outfit all her own. And I think I found just the one when I was searching Etsy.

Eden in an outfit by LoveEllieBean on Etsy

Eden in an outfit by LoveEllieBean on Etsy

The dress is a little long and will be pinned up a bit – not going to sew it, because like everything around here excepting pajamas and a few outfits, it’ll be shared – and those leggings made me squeal with delight. They’re so delicate and girly and I love them. The shoes are Our Generation. My eventual plan is to get her – or find someone to knit her – a white cap, either a poor boy like the one on her head, or a beret, in white. I just think it would pull everything together so nicely.

All in all, despite a few issues – some of which were easily fixed – I think she’s an adorable doll, and a great addition to what is now the AGTiK. And for the cost-to-me of ZERO American Dollars, I really can’t complain.

Tomorrow… more AG outfits and some ponies! And Monday… fashion dolls and an award!

5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Mari!

  1. Happy belated birthday to you and your vinyl kinfolk. That green witch is SO ADORABLE! I cannot get over how freaking cute she is. Have you tried a Mr. Clean magic-scrubber thing? I had a couple of vinyl dolls suffer the wounds of color transfer and the scrubber took off the tapered ends and lightened the bulk of the discoloration.

    • I will try that when I’m a little more awake! I did just buy a new pack of them – cause I hit pony paydirt and thought I’d need them – so I’ll give that a whirl tomorrow when I change the girls into casual gear.

  2. I need Eden! Just think, custom Frankie Stein! Whahahaha (Evil Laughter)! Frankie isn’t my favorite, but it isn’t everyday that you see a green 18 incher. Just think what I could do with a silver sharpie, Some white doll hair, and a couple of beads! Whahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahaha! (Sorry, the power is kinda getting to my head)

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